Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meet our kitty! #1

After 2 hours watching El Clásico I just don't have patience to crop and prepare a post with manicure. xD Seriously, great match Barca of course, but I had big hopes for Real Madrid tonight. RM played so well lately but okay... More luck next time. Hala Madrid. <3

I have way to much photos of our lovely boy and some of them are just too pretty to have them just on my phone. :) As you probably already know, we got this cute little kitty in October. At first I was just his kittysitter for my lil' sister Veri but because of few circumstances that happened back then he stayed with us but he's still her too. :) Now we all love him, except my mom sometimes, especially when he succeed to destroy her flowers. :i

I'm sure you all want to know his name but... He have so many of them - mom calls him Miki (Mickey), dad calls him Medo (like Teddybear) and I call him Bebo (Baby)... You decide, how will you call him. :P

He was so tiny when we got him. <3 This is my first cat, although I used to bring them home when I found them outside to feed them and play with the but I never had a kitty at home more than one day. :/ I wish I had, because I can't believe what I missed. :)

First picture I'm showing you is my favorite. I wish the picture was in better quality but I didn't use flash and the lighting was pretty bad. :) But I still like his angelic look here. <3

More pictures after a click. :)

Relaxing in his bed back then. :L Now he sleeps everywhere except in his bed. xD


When I got swap package from Tammy at Canadian Nail Fanatic he decided to take a look and pick his favorite. I think he likes flakies. :P Just like me. :$

That's it for now. :) I will post more pictures probably weekly, because I have lots of material on my memory phone card. :P

Do you have a cat(s)? How old are they? I think lots of nail bloggers have cats, is that just something more we have in common or it's just coincidence. :P

Thanks for reading! :rainbow

Ivana :k

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  1. soooooo cuuuuutttteee!!!!!!!

  2. Bebo!! I love this name :-) He's a cutie :L so adorable in your pics!
    You already saw our Peter (the lawn swing guy), here is a pic of him at 3-4 months old (don't know, he's a rescue kitty), same red/white, he could be Bebo's big bro:
    (I hope the links doesn't make my comment go directly to spam):P!

  3. Jaz sem zelo vesela za Barco :) pač tako je, vedno nekdo zgubi, nekdo zmaga..

    Zelo lepa zadnja slikca! Muc ne ve ker lak bi nalakiral hehe

  4. I adore cats! This little baby is sooooo cute! I'm dying to have a kitten(or more!) but my sister is allergic to cats so as long as I live with her I can't. One day I hope... :D

  5. I`m speechless! So cute!!! Big Hug from me!

  6. Awww! He's so adorable! :D

    I have an orange tabby cat, as well. He was a little, scrawny wild boy sleeping on our deck, trying to keep warm on a chair. We fed him, made friends and he adopted us. Now he is five, fat, sassy and owns the place. :O

  7. I absolutely love cats, especially kittens! He is so freaking cute!

  8. He is absolutely adorable!. I miss mine being little now :-(

  9. OOOOHH! :L
    I love cats! Your cat is cuuuuute! :L

  10. Awwwwww what a cutie, I wish my cats were small again haha. I have two sweeties, Simba and Luna, they an be found in every one of my blogposts :D ♥

  11. So cuuuute ^^
    I love cats, I coudn't live without them :)

  12. Your cat is adorable! Kittens are always so playful. My cat is 11 now so spends most the time sleeping, still cute though! x

  13. Dusa mala, predivan je:) Ja cu ga zvati Meda:D Vidi se da ima dobar ukus kada su lakovi u pitanju, obuka od malih nogu:D

  14. Jooooj kakšen simpatičen muc!! Oranžno beli in sivobeli so meni najlepši <3
    Zadnja slika ga pa itak zmaga ;) <3

  15. andjeo aha, sve sto ja vidim su te kandje :i al ukusa za lakove moram priznat da ima :P

  16. So cuuuuuute!
    Can't wait to see her again =)

  17. Kak sem jezna, da je spet Barcelona zmagala :@ Lep muc <3

  18. Awww he is so cute :L I love lil' kitties <3. I have 2 big boys myself, brothers who are little over 2 years old now. They are more lazy and fat every day haha!

  19. he is soooooooooooooo cute.... I like Bebo for his name. I don't have any kitty's, but you are right I have noticed a lot of nail bloggers have some...

  20. lol, vidim da je utakmnica bila napeta, žao mi je što si ostala razočarana... možda drugi put bude bolje ;)
    moj je mačak star skoro 4 godine, a ja ga još uvijek zovem bebe, bio je malen k'o miš kad mi ga je sin dovukao doma, nije znao sam ni pit ni jest... eto sad vidiš i sama zašto su ljudi ludi za mačkama :P

  21. I see comments about Barcelona but I don't know what they are saying! Your kitty and Toffee need to be friends! :D

  22. @Emma: Ty. :h

    @maisenzasmalto:: Of course you're not going to the spam comments. Never! :O He's really like his big brother, sooooo cute! <3 But that picture of him you posted on twitter is the best. 8) Please share his pics more often. :)

    @Stravadorskiy: Ja normalno. :) Ja, se je kar zagledal in dolgo zbiral. :P

    @NatalieDouka: Awww, that's bad. I have a mild allergy to cats so I can still have him but I can understand how would your sister feel with him. I hope you'll have lots of kitties one day, they're just so adorable. <3

    @LadyLuck: Thank you! :h

    @Mary Ann: Ty! We're both sending you a big hug too! h

    @Miss Blue: He really is! :$

    @Ice Queen: Cats are amazing! Looks like your cat is lovely too! <3 I can't wait that our little boy become laty, he's just full of energy now. xD

    @Angie: Thank you dear! :h

    @Nail Stories: They grow up so fast. :(

    @Stellina: Ty. :h

    @moonchild: :$

    @Maybe: Hvala! :)

    @Elize: I know, I love your kitty pics and your cats! <3 I can't do similar photo at all, he can't be steady for a second, just when he falls asleep. xD

    @Gwenn: Ty! Me neither, I just can't imagine don't having him by my side all the time. :)

    @Enigma: Awww, that's cute too! I can't wait mine to be lazy like that, I could lay with them all the time. :P

    @Anja: Da da, vidi se. :P Ali sad je toliko porasto, nisam ni znala dok nisam videla ove slike. Nadam se, da neće promeniti ukus kad još poraste. :P

    @Anna.: Hvala! :) Ja, meni so oranžni tudi, pa črni. <3

    @Lendoxia: Da da kanđe su mu koma! I kako to voli oparati, jao. xo Ali nemožeš mu zamjeriti, vidi mu okica. :$ Pa... Vidi se, da je moj. :P

    @rock-or-not: Thank you! I'll post more pics soon! :h

    @With love, Ana.: Jap, jaz tudi. Ah, bo že, ampak res škoda, sem bila prepričana, da bo šlo skozi, ker so res v dobri formi. Pa drugič. :)

    @Deborah: Thanks! Awww, adorable brothers, I'm just like them - lazy and I'll be soon also fat. xD

    @Polish AMOR: Thank you dear! Right? I think you should have one too, they're so adorable! :)

    @nail crazy: I ja se nadam. xo A duša mala, onda je bio stvarno malecak. <3 Da da, sad znam i srečna sam zbog toga, što je ovaj mali miš ušao u moj život. :$

    @Abby: They're saying that Barcelona is the worst team on this world. :P Jk. :) Some of them are angry just like me and some of them are happy like you! :P That's be awesome, although he doesn't like dogs yet but your Toffee is so cute so I'm sure he will like her! :)

  23. OMG, he's so freakin' adorable!! I want a kitty so much after seeing these pics...

  24. It's so true that many nail polish addicted are also cat lovers! I have two cats, aged 3 and 4 if I'm correct, and I love them so much. I also am an "auntie" to two more, who are my brother's kittens but he works from my home in these months and he brings the cats with him during the day! My cats are very calm while his are very wild. I love seeing the many different characters that they have =)

  25. so cute.
    i also have two of these here.
    best wishes from germany, claudia


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