Friday, December 2, 2011

China Glaze - Ruby Pumps

What did you pick to wear on the 1st December? :i I decided to go with something red and sparkly. :)

There's something about this red polish that doesn't make me feel old when I wear it. :D If you say Christmas, I think of Ruby Pumps - red, glittery, sparkly. <3 I'm sure you all saw it so many times, but here it's once again. :$

Ruby Pumps is a reddish jelly base with lots of golden red glitter. I added 2 coats, great application, fast drying time and my nails are so sparkly. :) I just noticed that there are 2 version of this beauty and I have no idea which one is this. Oh well, both versions are beautiful. :)

All pictures below were taken under daylight bulb and black background. 

Nail Tek - Foundation II
China Glaze - Ruby Pumps / 2 coat
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer 

It's hard to capture all its beauty on picture so you must believe me that this beauty is amazing in person. :) I took blurred picture to show you how it sparkles and even this picture doesn't show all it gorgeousness.

Believe me, you need this one. :) What do you think? Do you already have it?

Have a nice and relaxing weekend! :rainbow

Ivana :k

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  1. a ne mogu vjerovat da ga još nisam nabavila :c

  2. Looks soo festive on you! :)
    Ruby Pumps is a total musthave for every lady!! I'm gonna wear mine again soon too.. Mm what do you mean by 2 versions? Maybe it's just different bloggers swatched it with different light?

  3. @rock-or-not: Ty. :)

    @nail crazy: :o Moraš ga imati!

    @ritterbraten: When I googled Ruby Pumps pictures I saw a comparison with original RP from I don't know which year and rereleased RP - one is lighter, less opaque, etc. Now I can't remember where I saw it. :) There are tiny differences between them but who cares, all version are pretty. :P
    Agree, every lady should have this one in her collection. <3

  4. I love it!

    And also, I invite you to my giveaway -

  5. I've already told you how much I love this polish, and I won't give up, I'll buy it sooner or later :D

  6. Wow i love it! :D
    Follow me pleaaase :h

  7. Have yet to get this polish.....but whatever version you have, you have the gorgeous one!!

  8. This red is perfect on your nails!

  9. dvije, ma da? nadam se da necu uzet "krivu" kad budem kupovala

  10. preeeedivan :) na wish listi mi je :O

  11. I have it too, and its my favourite red nail polish of all the times, so shinny and sparkling!! <3

  12. You bet your sweet bippy I already have it. :e Ruby Pumps was my first ever China Glaze polish and it remains my all time fave.

  13. Gorgeous Christmas color!
    and your nails looks as little jewelries.

  14. I had this is my hand to buy and put it back! Aaaarrrrggggghhhhh!

  15. No pink today? This is such a lovely polish. The red glitter/shimmer looks good on your nails!

  16. tooo gooooood! I'm in love! :L

  17. I love Ruby Pumps on you! I've had it for the longest time but it's still in my untrieds drawer, time to dig it out now! Thank you for the beautiful swatches! :)

  18. wow...this color looks awesome on you! have i told you before i love your nails?? hugs :L

  19. Wow!!! It's so sparkly :b Can you believe I bought it more than a year ago and never tried it?? But this seems the right period, it's a very festive polish!!

  20. @Julia Natalia: Ty. :)

    @Elsa P.: Well, you should, you won't be dissapointed. :P

    @Stellina: Thanks. :) I will check you out. ;)

    @Deborah: Pure love, right? :L

    @Tinna: Se strinjam. :)

    @Angie: I think it's the latest one because the 2nd version was released years ago. :D

    @Mína: Thank you. :) I really loved it for a whole week. :$

    @Lendoxia: Da, dvije, ali jedna je još od pre neznam koliko godina, a jedna od 2009. :) Mislim, da sad možeš kupiti samo ovu novu ko što je i ja imam. :D

    @Anibani: Nadam se, da će uskoro biti i na tvojim noktima i ne samo na WL. :e

    @Belladona: I absolutely agree about that. <3

    @Ice Queen: Yay! :P It's definitely one amazing polish. <3

    @lepidopteria: Thank you dear. :k

    @Fingers: :o What a mistake!! I hope you know what you must do next time. :P

    @imfeelingnail-venturous: :$ I can't wear pink all the time. :P Ty. :h

    @martttina: :)

    @Wan: o You definitely should dig it out, it's the perfect time for RP now. :P Thank you so much for stopping by. :)

    @Lydz: Aww, thank you hun! :h

    @maisenzasmalto: What are you waiting for??? :) Yap, you need to put in on your nails asap! :v

  21. Red looks stunning on you ! =)
    Xx. S


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