Sunday, December 4, 2011

Essence TE Vampire's Love True Love & Bloody Mary Blush Gelee

It's finally here. :e I'm talking about Vampire's Love Trend Edition from Essence. I found the full display in DM and thanks to my mom, I bought 2 things I wanted. Being broke on December is worst case scenario if you ask me and it's not going to be better until January. :/ Oh well. xo

All the pictures below were taken under daylight bulb and black background. I have no idea why my hands look so smooth but I didn't do anything to the pictures to remove the noise. xo

Vampire's Love has 5 nail polishes but only one caught my eye. Here's what I picked. :e
Nail Polish in True Love, Blush Gelee in Bloody Mary
I'm a big fan of blushes so I decided to give it a try. Blush Gelee is available in one color called 01 Bloody Mary. I have powder blushes, cream blushes, liquid blushes so the gelee was something new to me. Blush has lovely jelly texture and it comes in a bottle with a pump. Once you pump it out of the bottle, looks so dark jelly red, but it's very pigmented so you don't need a lot for your cheeks. :$ I use my Essence's blush brush to blend it on my cheeks, that's how I avoid having stained fingers, becuase it stains so badly, which means it's very long lasting. And that's what I love most about this blush. <3 I can apply it in the morning and it'll last on me until I wash off my MU, great, right?


When I wanted to remove it, I tried to smudge it with my fingers and tissue paper. This is how it looks like after.

It won't go away. :) After whole night and day I still had stained skin on my arm, so yes, this blush is long lasting for sure. :e You get 13 ml (0.43 fl.oz) of blush for 3,29 €, I think that's a nice deal. :)

Next thing I wanted the most was a nail polish in color True Love. It has a lovely name and it's an awesome shimmery plum color. I'm not a big fan of dark colors but this one just caught my eye, it's a perfect color for fall in my opinion so I decided to wear it now before the winter starts. :D

Application was great, I applied 2 coats for full opacity. The main problem I had with this polish is the brush. I already got so many wonky brushes from Essence and I always forget to check the brush before buying it. But from now on, I surely will. :D I love how his polish can look so boring and dark without light but it just pops out when the light hits it. <3

 Essence - True Love / 2 coats

Gorgeous! :L You get 10 ml of this beauty for 1,79 € (0.33 fl.oz), that's another great deal. :e

What do you think about this collection? Did you buy anything? Have you ever tried blush gelee? Do you like True Love? :)
Have a nice beggining of the week. :rainbow

Ivana :k

20 Comment(s):

  1. Oh my! I NEED both of these in my life, I love this colour and I love all types of blusher!

  2. Wow gorgeous color :L
    moram vidjeti dali ga ima i kod nas

  3. totalno si me prepričala za blush! in za lak hihi :b

  4. Full lep lak, meni ga je tudi uspelo dobit <3

  5. ja sam se uspjesno uvjerila da mi ovaj lak ni rumenilo ne trebaju, tako je kad si bez love, ja ne samo u prosincu nego tokom cijele godine XD

  6. I definitely wanna try the blush!! And, of course I can never have too many purple polishes!! <3

  7. Nice Pic`s + gorgeous Color! Ich bougth this Beauy too & I`m happy to own it.
    I`m in love with Your Blog!

    Best Greetings from Germany :-)

  8. @Fab Fingertips.: Oh me too! I really hope you will get them somehow. <3

    @lepidopteria: Nadam se, da ima. :P Sigurna sam, da ti će se i ostali sviđati. :)

    @Passing fancy: 8) Še dobro, da nisem kupila še kaj drugega, bi ti še povečala WL. :P Res, blush je prav prijetno odkritje, lak pa prav tako. <3

    @With love, Ana.: Ane? :L Super, še dobro, da je tole kolekcijo dobil še DM, drugače meni nikoli ne bi uspelo priti to te kolekcije. :/

    @Lendoxia: Uuu, kako si se fino uverila. :P Sigurno nije tako loše. :P

    @NatalieDouka: I hope you get them! :)

    @Mary Ann: Thank you Mary Ann for your lovely comment! Means a lot. :$ Greeting all the way from Slovenia. :h

  9. I bought almost all polishes (hey here they cost 1,99€) and I'm satisfied with all of them. True Love is the only one I still have to take pictures to (but I wore it during the week), it's really pretty!
    I didn't buy the blush, maybe it's better because I see it's really pigmented and I usually put my make up on in the morning (in a rush) so with a high risk of messing my whole face :-P
    Last thing: your mum rocks :-)

  10. V blush sem že nekaj časa zaljubljena :D Lak imam pa ravno ta sveže na nohtih. Zdej moram pa nehat nakupovat! ;)

  11. True Love looks great! I bought this one and the blue one as well. I have yet to put them on though. No blush for me, they look awful on my face, it's a "piece" of make-up I never use.

  12. I didn't get anything from this collection, because when I finally get to the drugstore everything is gone! :(

  13. @maisenzasmalto: I thought that prices for Essence are same everywhere around here. xo I agree, True Love is such a lovely polish. <3
    Yap, you really have to be careful with this blush or you have to do your whole face again. :P But you should still get it, I'm sure you want longlasting blush on your cheeks for special occasions. :P
    Yap, she really does. :$

    @Mateja Mateja: Sva enotni. :P Ampak nakupovati pa mislim, da nobena od naju ne bo nehala. :$

    @ScarsLikeLace: I totally agree. :)

    @Simona: The blue one looks nice too but I didn't buy it because I just know I wouldn't wear it. :D Maybe you're just not used to how blush looks on you? I really love when ladies have red, pink or peachy cheeks. <3 I couldn't live without blush, that's a must have for me. :$

    @LimitedAddictionNails: Awww, so bad! I hate when that happens! :( Is that the only place you can get it? Well, I hope you found a whole display soon. :h

  14. ajde, drago mi je da si ih se dočepala ;)

  15. Love the polish on you! Didn't get anything but the 5 polishes from this one :D

  16. Pa kak si uspela v obliki srčka izstisnit ta žele ven? :D

  17. Wow that is some long lasting blush! I would love to see this collection but haven't yet, I think I would pick up a few polishes :)

  18. Love this polish I think this one is the most beautifull but I like the whole collection..did not buy anything though.

  19. @nail crazy: Hvala. :P Baš sam bila vesela, kad sam videla punu kolekciju. :$

    @Deborah: That's more than enough. :P

    @Gone2RehabBRB: Magic! :P Iztisnila sem 2 podolgovari pikici. xD

    @GothamPolish: Yap, it's officialy my fav blush, because I love having blush on my cheeks. :$ I hope you'll get them! :)

    @-Diana-: Collection has some really pretty shades, first I didn't want nothing but then I just couldn't leave True Love there. :D


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