Saturday, April 16, 2011

Orly - Fancy Fuchsia

I was planning to have Mimi on my nails for whole next week or at least till she starts chipping but a broken nail make me to remove her. I broke a tiny tiny piece of my nail on middle finger but long enough I couldn't have all nails in same square shape, which is definetely my favorite and with Mimi my nail looked just horrible, you all know that dark shades define a nail shape even more. :) That's why I removed her and then I filled my nail on the shortest lenght just to have square shape but it's still not perfect like I would want. :(

It was time to pick a new shade and I picked up Fancy Fuchsia from Orly's Precious collection for Spring 2011 which I got from Leslie. :k This baby look soo pretty in bottle but when I paint my pinkie with I was amazed! :o You all know I just love pinks but this baby's just became my favorite pink! :L
It's super bright pink, it definetely looks like a neon pink mixed with white polish, I hope you get the idea how this beauty looks like in RL. :L 
I added 2 coats but you can get away with one thick too, this polish is definitely more on a thick side. Unfortunately this pretty isn't fotogenic at all. :( It always looks too bright or too neon, you should visit me and see it in RL. :P

My hands look soo super tanned with this polish and I really wish my nails were longer. :$

Daylight, cloudy weather
Do I love it? YES! :i I need a back up for sure if I'll ever get a chance. :) I LOVE LOVE it! :L Maybe I'll add some stamping but this polish look gorgeous just by itself. :)

What do you think about this pretty polish? :) Which one is your favorite from Precious collection?

I change some things on my blog, does everything work properly? If you have any problems, please let me know so I could fix it. :)

Ivana :k

20 Comment(s):

  1. Wow, that's super bright! Don't worry about the length - they'll grow back :)

  2. Omg I love this colour and your nails look beautiful! So long and perfect, wow!

    Also, it does make you look very tan, so nice for summer soon

  3. You nails look pretty that length. That color is so beautiful.
    How's Nail Tek working for you?

  4. Čudovit je =). Tudi dolžina mi je zelo všeč =)

  5. Oh kako lepa barva lakca ful mi je všeč! :)

  6. I love this color ! This is the only polish I bought from the Precious collection. Looks amazing on you !

  7. Such a pretty color! And I really like your nails! They are beautiful :)

  8. What a great shade of pink! It looks awesome on your nails.

  9. gorgeous! now i want it!
    you make me want everything!

    and your nails still look amazing, darling.

  10. Your nails look good at this length :D
    I wish my nails looked as nice as yours. This color is so pretty.

  11. Wow such a HOT colour!! =P

  12. Thank you so much for your comments girls! It's really "pink in your face" color, totally Barbie pink and I LOVE it - I need a back up asap! :c

    @Nola: I know! :c But I'm sad when I broke a nail, I want long nails but I always fail. :@

    @love4laqcuer: Thanks. :) But my nails aren't long at all. :c I think it's perfect for Summer too, I can't wait to try it when I'll be tanned a little. :P

    @Carolina: Thank you! :k Well, I think it helped my nail stop peeling but they still break easily. :( We'll see.. I hope it'll get better. :)

    @rebecca: I'm happy to hear that! :P

    @Miss Blue: Thanks. :$ I not just used to them and I prefer longer nails on me. :(


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