Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ruffian Manicure with 2030 & We'll Always Have Paris Suede

I'm a big fan of Ruffian manicure, it looks so elegant and classy.  :) I wanted a gold metallic polish for ages and thanks to Carolina I got it. :i Ruffian mani was officialy combined with black but since I had really bad experience with a Black Out from Black&White collection with plastic finish I decided to pick something different. :i

I don't have a shimmery matte black polish so I picked one of my favorite OPI - We'll Always Have Paris Suede and for base color China Glaze - 2030.
2030 is metallic gold polish, one coater with easy application and with a frosty finish like it's usual for metallic polish. After applying 1 coat of 2030 I added one layer of TC - if you mess up you can use a brush and nail polish remover and remove the mistakes without touching lowest layer of polish. 
Then I added 2 coats of We'll Always Have Paris Suede. It's not difficult to create Ruffian but with this polish you must work extra fast because it's drying so quick. 
I'll probably add 1 coat of TC later but for now I'm enjoying suede finish and beautiful color combination.

I even managed to capture some picture on sun, because we've such a bad weather these days. :(

I must say I'm in love! :L 

What do you think about my attempt of Ruffian manicure? Like it or not?

Ivana :k

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  1. Very nice! I like that combination, and WAHP Suede is one of my favorite suedes.

  2. I really like the suede contrasted with the metallic (and the colors are good, too)! I haven't tried to do a Ruffian yet. Do you do yours free-hand?

  3. I love love love this combo. You are an ruffian expert my friend.

  4. @KarenD: Thanks! WAHP Suede was my first OPI I bought. :D

    @Mína: Thank you! :k

    @Megan Harmeyer: Yes, free-hand and it's not hard to make it at all. You should try it! :)

    @Carolina: Thank you so much! :i And you're konad expert for sure! :k

  5. Love the colour combination you used, especially the matte one. :)

  6. Vau, stvarno predivno!
    Morat ću te iskopirat! :-)

  7. Beautifully done! I love your colour/finish combination as well.

  8. I'm not a big fan of Ruffian, but this looks very very VERY nice, especially the combination :) Hmm.. maybe I also have to try..

  9. I'm in love too!!! Like, like, like :-D

  10. I love Suedes (I hope I have them all one day) and this combo is so amazing: elegant with a "twist" (if it makes any sense in English).
    BTW I love ruffian mani (my results vary, depending on color combo and firmness of hand).

  11. ohh!!!! how gorgeous!! i want to try a ruffian mani soon :)

  12. wow! this is gorgeous... :)

  13. Nice! I also like how those two colours look together :)

  14. I love this. I've never tried a ruffian mani before, but I think I will now :-)

  15. Oh wow you made it so perfectly! Looks stunning =)

  16. The texture of the suede highlighted with gold is beautiful!

  17. Looks amazing!!! You did a beautiful job. The colors you chose & the mani itself is awesome!!

  18. Btw i'v given you an award =) Its over on my page so you can pick it up from there! =)

  19. You win the One Lovely Blogger Award check out

  20. Ful lepo! <3 Men je Suede kolekcija tok lepa, sam se mi usi laki posušijo :(
    Še kšno ruffian nalep!

  21. hiya

    can you do a tutorial for how you do ruffian please?

    shel xx

  22. Thanks you so much for your comments! I really loved it that's why I had it more than a week on my nails. :D I'm so happy you like it too!

    @ritterbraten: You should try it! Your nails are so long and pretty and it would be even prettier than on me. :)

    @maisenzasmalto: I hope you'll get them! I have just his one (my 2nd bottle because my first one it's totally unusable :( ). Thanks! :)

    Sara ♥'s ..., Cherry: Thanks for awards girls, I'll post them when I come back. :)

    @Summer: Meni tudi! To je moja druga flaška, ker prva je res neuporabna. :(

    @Irishenchantment: I can't record a tutorial because my camera isn't great for filming, but you can see this tutorial here from amazing blogger Nihrida, I did totally same as her. :) I hope that helps!


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