Thursday, April 14, 2011

Polka dots with Crushed Candy

Here I am so tired but with "new" manicure. :) My Polka Dots manicure was so cute and like I said I wanted to last till Friday... It started chipping next day I made it but I always fixed it  with another layer of polish and dots but because I'm so tired today  I wasn't in a mood to make a new mani that's why I layered over a crackle which is really perfect for hiding tip wear. :)

I picked China Glaze Crackle glaze Crushed Candy. :L It's so beautiful turquoise, it looks almost like For Audrey but For Audrey is lighter and more blue. :brow I actually don't like how I applied it, because I wasn't careful but it will have to wait till tomorrow or Saturday. I love China Glaze's crackles, thank you so much Carolina for sending all beauties to me. :h

So bad it wasn't a sunny day today so I took pictures outside on a daylight. It looks fun and not pink like usually. :)

I can't tell how happy I'm that tommorow is Friday. :D I can't wait to slep all day long! :i

Today is a really special day for me. :$

14. 4. 2008

I you dear!

Take care,
Ivana :k

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  1. Like how the crackle contrasts with the polish underneath :).

  2. You are welcome!
    I love how you fixed the old manicure.

  3. This looks amazing - as do anything on your divine nails :) I really love the shape/length!

    You managed to get Crushed Cany to crackle perfectly - so don't worry about the application, it's meant to look edgy anyway ;)

  4. Ahh, this is so pretty. Crushed Candy is the only crackle I want from this group, but now it is sold out. Boo.

  5. Wow what a cute way to recycle a mani! Love it!

  6. I like very much the color combo!! Congrats on your special day :-)

  7. Pretty combo! Crushed Candy is the most beautiful color from CG crackles :)

  8. Thanks girls (I'm saying this all the time :i )! :k Crackles are really so practical. :)

    @Jette Fromm: Thank you! I really try to fill my nails in square shape but when I broke a nail like now I just can't have them in square shape and I hate it! :c

    @Varnish Vixen: I hope you'll find it! It's really pretty. :L

    @maisenzasmalto: Thank you! :k

    @Mína: Thanks. :) I have to try the purple one too but Broken Hearted stole my heart. :i


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