Saturday, April 2, 2011

I ♥ Spring

I was outside with my liltle sister Veri yesterday and we saw so many beautiful flowers on our walk that I just had to take some photos. This is my 250th post so I decided to share them with you today. :) I love Spring, Summer even more but everything wakes up in Spring, everything is soooo colorful, I just love it. :L I hope you'll like these pictures. :$

English Primroses, viola
Right before we went home we ate pizza ice cream again. I already showed you once I think, but here it is one more time again. It's sooooooo delicious. :L I can't wait till they get strawberries, then it's even more delicious. :$
Pizza Ice Cream with kiwi, peach and banana
I have such a bad today with headache but after spending some time on sun I was totally in better mood! :)

What's your favorite season? :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Ivana :k

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  1. Pomlad! <3 Jaz jo tudi obožujem, vse rožice, otopli se, rojstni dan imam, hehe. :D Slike so prečudovite, sploh dve marjetici sta srčkani! Joj, tale sladoledna pica pa zgleda za umret dobra! Mene je moj dragi dva dni nazaj presenetil s celo skledo jagod, mljask. Že so bile sladke! <3 Jagod pa res lahko na tone pojem. :D

  2. Oh how pretty flowers! We still have snow.. :/ Hopefully it'll be more spring-y soon here too..

  3. Beautiful flowers!
    That Ice cream looks DELICIOUS!!

  4. Tudi meni je najljubša pomlad =). Slike so res čudovite, se kr ne morem odločit, katera je lepša.
    S tole sladoledno pico, si mi pa naredila take lušte, zaj pa res morem enkrat probat tole =).

  5. The blossoms are sooo pretty! I want those everywhere when I get married lol. & is that a mountain I see in the background? It is so pretty where you live!! <3

  6. @Ulmiel: Zdaj bi tako jagode jedla, jooooooj. :o Hočem! Res tale pica sladoled je nekaj najboljšega, kar so se lahko pri nas v slaščičarni spomnili. :)

    @Annie: Snow?! :o I hope it's gone till today! :h

    @Carolina: Thanks! I wish I could send you some! :)

    @colorfulbottle: Kar pridi pa boš probala, ne bo ti žal. :P

    @peripatetic33: You're welcome! I'm so happy to hear that you like pictures. :k

    @Prettyfulz: Agree! I actually didn't even think what I would like to have on my wedding, but I totally agree with you. :) I think in background is roof of the house, but it looks like a hill too. :D

  7. So beautiful pictures! And so yummy ice cream!!


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