Friday, April 8, 2011

Catherine Arley - 675 vs. S-he - 427

I'm back, did you missed me? I definitely miss you all! :$ I was neglecting my blog lately and probably I'll neglect it for couple of weeks more because I's so tired and I still am but at least I can sleep long tomorrow. I started working at our administrative unit, work isn't difficult because I don't do mostly anything, just checking some papers or enter them to computer and that's it. It's not the work which makes me so tired but early waking. I don't sleep enough that's why I'm so tired when I get home and I take a nap almost every day but that gives me energy for staying late as always... So I'm going in circles... Well 3 weeks more and I'll be done. :)

It didn't happen much this week I guess....oh it was something new! I had my wrist in bandages. :$ Nothing serious as it looks like. :i I had a lump big as those little marble balls since last year but I never went to doctor.. But lately my right wrist hurt me bad so I went and they'd to make a puncture and now it's gone. It can happen again but next time they'll cut it out so I hope it won't come back. It was sooo hard and I thought it was a bone, but it was something filled with colorless liquid. I so enjoy watching surgeons during their work (my biggest wish when I's younger was to become a surgeon but unfortunately I'm not even near medicine :( ).
So I had just a little wound of injection but they wrap my wrist with bandages like I have broken wrist. :D It was fun because at work they thought it's something serious and I didn't have to do anything just sitting there and relaxing. :D

But now I don't have any bandages just a plaster. :i I just have to share this with you. :$

I wore my stamped Pink it up! manicure till today and I broke a nail yesterday - well it wasn't broken but it was so peeled that it became so sensitive and when I saw that's almost gone, I shortened them all. I'm using Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy for 2 weeks now I think and my nails are better, stronger... Just my pointer started peeling even before I started using Nail Tek and I didn't want to cut them all... So I'm glad I can start at the beginning... I'll probably make separate post dedicated to this nail hardener in near future. :)

I promised you a picture of comparison between Catherine Arley - 675 and S-he 427. S-he #427 is the only holo which we can get in drugstores... Pretty pink with great application and low price. :) When I was searching the nearest shade from CA I own to this beauty I thought it would match with 675 but I was wrong.

As you can see the difference is quite obvious but if you're not a pink lover, you definetely don't need both. But if you're like me, you must have both - I really can never have enough of holos, but if they're pink... I have to have them all!! :i
I applied 2 coats of each, fast drying, great application... :L

 Middle finger and pinkie: Catherine Arley - 675
Pointer and ring finger: S-he - 427

#675 is more pink and #427 is more like mauve pink - I'm really not so good with describing colors. :D Oh, and why my pinkie looks darker? - I really don't know. xo Maybe the light hits it under different angle or I applied one coat more? I can't remember. :D So, which one do you like more?
CA polishes can be bought online and S-he at drugstores in Europe called DM but not all DMs have it (some ha. At the moment they're on sale, because we can expect new products from them soon! I hope they'll make more interesting colors! :D

I read all your comments but I'll reply on them probably this weekend, when I will be rested!

I wish you all great and relaxing Sunday! :k
Ivana :k

11 Comment(s):

  1. nadam se samo da sad u ovoj promjeni ambalaze nemaju namjeru izbacivat ovo, ako vec nema nijedan drugi holo na trzistu bar da s ovim mogu radit frankene :)

  2. Did you have a ganglion cyst? We see people with those all the time. Glad you were able to get yours drained. That polish is pretty!! Can't go wrong with holo.

  3. it does look serious but i'm glad its not! next time get to the doctor stat :)

    i've never heard of S-he polishes but it really pretty.

  4. Hope your wrist gets better soon.
    I love those S-he nail polishes.

  5. Upam, da si sedaj OK!
    Ves ko sem videla na bloggerju preview slikico sem mislila da so noge dojencka v plenicki. vem od kod to meni.. :P

  6. I hope you continue to feel better. I hate not getting enough sleep - it just messes everything up for me. Take care and post when you can. :)

  7. Upam da se čimprej poceliš :)

  8. Moja sestra je imela isto jo tudi punktiral!Pa je zdej vse kul in se ji ni še 1x pojavilo...upam da bo pri tebi tudi tako :D

    Dobra primerjava :) še dobro da imam She-427 doma :P

  9. O, fino, da si nazaj! Pa upam, da je roka zdaj v redu :)

  10. Joooj, boga :( Še dobr, da si si lahko tut s povito roko nohte lakirala :D

    Oba lakca sta ful lepa, tvoji nohtki pa itak <3

  11. @Lendoxia: I ja isto! Ali se isto nadam, da dobijemo i nove boje! :D

    @Megan Harmeyer: Yesss, ganglion! I's trying to remember what they said but I just couldn't. Do you work in hospital? That's great!

    @Enamel Girl: I will! But I really don't like my doctor, that's why I'm not happy when something is wrong with me. :D S-he is available in some European counties, they've some really pretty colors. :)

    @Carolina: Thanks! :k It's already much better. :)

    @Tamara: :O No saj če na hitro pogledaš, je res malce podobnosti, samo ta dojenček bi imel potem res suho nogico. :P No, lahko bi bla pa igračka... Kompliciram. :i

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Thank you! So we're same, I just have to sleep to be normal during the day. :i

    @Ina: Sem že skoraj, jupi! Hvala. :h

    @.sparkle*: Jaz tudi! No, saj tudi če bi se, mi ne bi bilo problema, samo ne bi rada imela šivov na roki. :( Bomo videli, res upam na najboljše in res super, da se tvoji sestri ni ponovilo! :)
    427 je pa res must have. :i

    @Biba: Hvala! :k Je res že boljše. :)

    @Summer: Hvala! :k
    :D Nalakirane sem mela še pred tem, samo je potem zdržala manikura cel teden ampak jih ne bi bilo problem nalakirat. :P Nenalakiranih pa sploh ne morem imet, ker imam tako rumene na levi roke zaradi enega laka. :@


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