Sunday, February 27, 2011

Color Club - Tru Passion

New day, new manicure. :) I've an important apppointment tommorow at administrative unit for a "job" - actually additional education, which we have to pass if we want to graduate one day and I'm already so scared. :D I wanted something that will last long, so I picked this lovely lilac glitter - Tru Passion.

I added 3 thin coats, you can get away with 2 thick, but it might peel off. I didn't add any BC, I waited for couple of minutes that every layer was dry, so I hope it won't peel off like MAAH months ago. The surface is a little rough, but nothing scary, I'll add a coat of TC probably tommorow. :)


Weak sun
I'm really not proud of my pointer so please just ignore it, but I just don't want to fill them all down. :( In a week they should be just fine, at least I hope. :)

So, it's mostly lilac/lavender glitter in clear base but with some multicolored glitter, although they're not visible on pictures. :) This beauty isn't fotogenic at all, so I tried to make my first video (I stole this idea from Ulmiel, I'm sure you all already know her, but if you don't, check her blog - it's awesome! ;) ). It's so much easier to show this bling bling effect, which I love. Low quality video was taken in the dark with flashlight. :)

Bling bling all over the nail. :D I always wanted Nubar - Hyacinth Sparkle but after seeing a comparison at Alizarine claws I'm sure I don't need both of them. They're pretty close. :)

So, what do you think? Was this video a fail? :$

Wish me luck and hope you're having a nice and relaxing Sunday!
Ivana :k

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  1. wow, fenomenalan lakec... samo nastavi s ovakvim videima, na slici se vidi premalo ove ljepote :-D

  2. Beautiful Bling Bling!!
    Good luck tomorrow!

  3. lep :L

    in hvala za link do primerjave, zdaj lahko tega zbrišem iz WL ;)

  4. cool je i video :) kako to cudo predivno blijesti :O

  5. Thank you girls! I'm glad you like it! I just removed it, it chipped next day on my thumb but I repair it. I don't know how to keep glitter long on my nails. :(

    @Tinna: Malenkost! Sem vedela, da ti bo prišlo prav, ker vem, da imaš ti Nubarja. :P

    @With love, Ana.: Jaaaa, res bling bling in your face. :D

  6. Prelepa boja volim ljubicasti lak,lepo ti stoji
    samo tako nastavi :D


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