Sunday, February 13, 2011


I saw this beautiful roses nail art so many times and I always wanted to try it out. I found a great photo tutorial at BeautyLab and decided to give it a try. It looked easily so why not...

I used these polishes:

Essence - Once Upon a Time & Stamp me! White for roses
Yes Love - 287 for leaves

I didn't mind that the color of base color wasn't real, because I didn't have time for that, so I just wanted that the roses was perfectly visible... I added roses just on ring finger and thumb, because I find it even more special.

I'll definetely try this more often, it's so cute. I must admit I like it even more on pictures, because when I look at my nails, it annoys me that roses aren't perfectly located. I'm a perfectionist, I know. Did you ever try to make roses? Share a link if you did.

Now I'm thinking what should I wear for Valentines Day... What will you be wearing on Monday?

Wish you a nice and relaxing Sunday, dear readers and followers!


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  1. Great Job! Those colors are so pretty together.
    And I totally understand the obsessive placement. Sometimes I end up changing my perfectly good polish just because I can't stand it anymore being uneven!

  2. waw, ful lepa manikura:) .... obvladaš:)

  3. Čudovita manikura! Res zelo lepe vrtnice, pa še lepše je, ker niso na vseh nohtih ampak samo na 2, to mi je res tak simpatično =).
    Js bom nosila na svetlo roza podlaki rdeče srčke, tud sam na palcu in prstancu =)

  4. Ivana, you did an excellent job... I love it!

  5. I love roses nail art! and I think your came out pretty well! :)

  6. ma savrseno su ti locirane ruzice :) preslatko izgledaju

  7. Čudovita manikura. Tudi rožice meni je všeč, da si rožice naredila le na dveh nohtih, ne na vseh.
    Moja manikura za jutri bo verjetno nekaj rdečega s srčki, ampak nisem še ziher.

  8. Gorgeous!!
    I love it it's so beautiful!

  9. ful lepe rožice :)

    jaz pa sem ponavadi preveč lena, da bi se spravila kaj ustvarjat.. ;)

  10. dobro si ovo izvela, svaka čast :-)

  11. super ti je uspelo! tudi meni je všeč, da je samo na 2 nohti<3

  12. wahh, how pretty! your roses ... !! they look awesome!

  13. Nevjerojatno slatko!!! Topim se...

  14. The roses are so lovely, great job! Now I want to try it out too =)

  15. these are soooo cute. these are like the roses that i did:

  16. @~Leslie~: Thank you! We're the same, it makes me crazy when I saw uneven pattern or something. :))

    @Pink_Diamond: Hvalaa. :) Ah, saj ni tako težko jo narediti. :)

    @colorfulbottle: Hvala, meni se je zdelo tudi dovolj le na dveh nohtih. :) Čakamo slikce od Valentinove manikure. <3

    @Carolina: Thank you sweety. :)

    @Alice @ NailsbyAlice: Thank you. I also like it, so I have to make another one soon. :)

    @Lendoxia: Hvalaaa. :) Joj, a meni baš smetalo ali dobro... Manje gledam, bolje je. :P

    @Taya: Hvala. :) Res popestri manikuro. :) Upam, da si se imela super na Valentinovo. <3

    @rock-or-not, alluring_mum, Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Thank you girls. :)

    @Tinna: Hvala. :)) Ah, ti ustvarjaš tako popolne manikure s konadom. <3

    @KONADomania: Hvala. :)

    @Katrina: Aww thank you. :) It's so good to hear a compliment from a girl who make such awesome free hand manicures. :)

    @Stickers: Hvalaaa. :)

    @AmyGrace: You should! It would look soooo gorgeous on your nails!! <3 Make it and show us! :)

    @nikole: Thank you! Your roses look so good too!


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