Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day ♥

It's a Valentine's Day today! Hope you're spending a nice time with those you love!peluk

I made this manicure yesterday for this special day. It's not just a Valentine's day for me, every 14th in the month reminds me that I'm one month longer with my BF. Today we're 2 years and 10 months together... Love you honey!

Let's start with my manicure... I couldn't decide what color should I wear.. I didn't want ending with red, so I picked all these color and made pink-a-lilac creme skittles.
Essie - Lilacism
China Glaze - Rich & Famous

I added 2 coat of each and 1 coat of Essie G2G. I didn't have any problems with applications. Here's one picture, but I forgot to include my thumb.
Sorry for the bad picture, it was so grey outside!
Then I started thinking what should I do now.... I searched for inspiration at many blogs and then decided to do this... Mix and match...

I was just holding Pure Ice for taking pictures, I didn't use it for this manicure. It's the only bottle I have at BF's. senyum

Daylight, cloudy day
From L to R:
Essence - No More Drama stamped with Essence - Stamp me! White & Confetti - Vava Voom + BM02
Essie - Lilacism stamped with Essence Stamp me! White + m73
Orly - Lollipop sponged with Wet n Wild - Glitz
China Glaze - Something Sweet stamped with Essence Stamp me! White & Confetti - Vava Voom + BM02
China Glaze - Rich & Famous stamped with Essence Stamp me! White + m79

I tried sponging for the first time and I really like it how it turned out. What do you think? It's not classic red&white manicure, but it's so me. I spent an hour for this and then half hour just for my pinkie. I was perfectly done with both hands and then I ruined my pinkie... I decided to start at the beggining and ruined it again... And again... And again... And finally made it. senyum

I won't be posting this week, because I'm having an exam on Thurdsay and I have to study. I also forgot all my polishes at home.

Happy Valentine's day girls!

23 Comment(s):

  1. Such pretty and great colors, I love the konading you did :)

  2. How cute! Before the nail art it looks like an ombre mani.

  3. That is adorable! :) And I love your nail shape, it's what I strive for.

  4. this is so beautiful, very girly and bubbly =) I really like it! =D

  5. super ideja, čudovito izvedeno :)

    in seveda izbrane naj naj barve <3

  6. I love this idea Ivana, beautiful and lovely manicure.

  7. *O* so beautiful!!!! I'm in love! <3 great colors and great work! love love love

  8. I just knew you'd do something great for this pinkest of holidays. :) Wonderful skittles!

  9. wow sweety, this looks great!! totally what I would wear :)

    Good luck with your exams!!!

  10. i love this , it's gorgeous .

  11. ajme preslatko je bas za valentinovo <3

  12. Kok lepo, najlepša valentinovo manikura <3

  13. ooh i love the skittles you did. so cute!

  14. OH this is so beautiful Ivana!! What a gorgeous mani for Valentines Day =) You do pinks like no other hun!

  15. prekrasna manikura :-D
    nadam se da je i dan bio takav :-)

  16. It looks so nice together ! It looks so soft and sweet and it's just lovely :)
    It's really original too, I haven't seen a lot of those manis around there, that's nice :)
    Xx. S

  17. Prelepo! Vsak vzorec posebej se mi dopade.

  18. @Jackie S.: Thank you. :) It was really hard to pick the designs. :D

    @Rachel Marie: Tnx. :) It looks kind of ombre. I love ombre manicures, I should make another one one day. :)

    @mylittlevanities: Thank you. :) I had so many problems with this shape, because I always break a nail at the side. :/ You should just fill your nails straight and you'll get this shape. :)

    @Trincess: Thank you!! I checked your blog too to find some inspiration, because you always make such awesome manicures like this. :)

    @Tinna: Hvala. :) Ja, barve so res naj naj. <3

    @Carolina: Thank you! <3

    @serena_nuvola: Tnx. I'm so happy I got so many compliments for this manicure. :)

    @KarenD: I'm glad I didn't disappointed you with my choice. :P

    @Martje: Thank youuu! <3 And I had really bad luck with my exams. :/ I was really really disappointed. :(

    @Emer: Thank you. :)

    @Lendoxia, With love, Ana.: Hvala! :)

    @Pretty: Thank you. :)

    @'chelle: Awwaaa, what a lovely comment 'chelle! You really made my day. <3

    @nail crazy: Hvala i bilo mi je baš super. Meni je dosta samo da sam s momkom i to je to. <3

    @S.: Thank you so much. :) It was so hard to decide what colors to pick, then patterns and so on. :D

    @Dragana Honey Daša: Hvala! I dobrodošla. :)

    @Stravadorskiy: Hvala. Najprej sem hotela narediti vse nohte enake, pa sem si potem premislila. :) Malo spremembe ne škodi. xD

    @Eno, Enamel Girl: Thank you girls. :)

  19. i love the essence nail stampers way more than the konad. where online can i buy them?!

  20. @punk polish: I think Essence isn't sold online, so I have no idea where. :/

    I bought it in store but I didn't like their stamper, it's so smooth that's why I had problems with picking the pattern from imageplate. If I see it anywhere online, I'll let you know!


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