Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nfu.Oh - 63

I planned to post this beauty tommorow when I wake up but I just can't sleep so I decided to do this know. senyum

Sunny weather is just perfect for holos, do you agree? This holographic goddess was resting in my stash for two months now and I'm sure she thinks I forget on her. But I didn't. I was really waiting for sunny days and here they are. First I would like to thank Martje again for sending me this beauty.peluk I'm so happy I have it, because SHE is really gorgeous!!!

I add 3 coats, because I don't own their Aqua base yet but I'm planning to buy it quite soon. The application without aqua base coat is quite horrible, it's streaky after 2 or even 3 because nail polish just doesn't want to stay on nails, but I somehow managed to apply it decently.

Let's start with picture spam, shall we?ihikhik


I really couldn't pick just 2 pictures like usually, but I really couldn't believe my eyes - amazing! I loooooove it!! I used to have #64 on my WL too, but after seeing lots of swatches there is no big difference between them (this one is pink and 64 is lilac but they really look similar). BUT I just need one more in my collection as soon as possible, so I have to get 64 too. And an aqua base coat - we don't want to use these beauties with horrible application.

What do you think about this stunning polish? I've purchased 2 new holos these days, what do you think which one are that? HINT: Pink & Teal.

Which one is your favorite holographic nail polish? Please let me know, because now I want more holographics in my collection.

Good night,

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  1. Ohh...I love it too!
    My favorite holographic nail polish is Booty - 14 (I think its a Turkish brand)

  2. My fav is Sally Hansen Crystal Ball. :) I have 62 and 64. I think 64 is darker. But I want all the holos I can possibly hoard lol.

  3. Podjeća me na S-HE holo, stvrano su slične nijanse!

  4. Prekrasen je!! srečnica;)

    hmm holoti so res najlepši..ampak jaz nimam nobenega:( okj razn tistega She;)

  5. Čudovit je, še en razlog več, da si naredim viso =). Komaj čakam da vidim nove pridobitve, eden je OPI, kaj je pa drug? Hmmm, pustimo se presenetit =)

  6. joj kako je lep <3 eden najlepših lakcev...

  7. Čudovit je in super ti paše! :)

    Moj najljubši holo je CC - Wild at Heart.

    Mislim pa da je k tebi na poti še ChG - DV8... Se motim?? :))

  8. @Maki: Show us some pictures!! I want pictures. :)) I've never heard of this brand before. :)

    @Rachel Marie: Crytal Ball is gorgeous, I just googled for pictures, because I've never seen it before. :) Me too, there is never enough of holos!! :D

    @Maybe: Pa blizu su, ali je holo ovde bolji. Možda jih i uporedim uskoro na sunčan dan. :)

    @.sparkle*: Meni je tudi zeeelo všeč! <3

    @Anna.: Hvala. :) Ja pri nas se res redko dobijo, je S-he res edini, ampak tudi ta je prekrasen + čudoviti zmešančki se dajo naredit z njim. :))

    @Lalica: Hvalaaa! :)

    @colorfulbottle: Da da, čimprej!!! xD Pa potem se ti še jaz priključim... :P Ja eden je OPI... Drugi je pa tisti, ki ga ti iščeš. :D

    @Tinna: Se popolnoma strinjam! Pink pa še holo - the best! :D

    @serena_nuvola: Agree, a stunning holo goddess. :))

    @nail crazy: Slažem se. :P

    @Tassa: O jaaa, WAH je tudi prekrasen! Ga bo spet treba kaj dati na nohte. :)) In jaa... Imaš prav. xD Kako si uganila? :P

    @Elize: Agree. :))

    @antiii: Thank you. :)

  9. lovely color. Your nails are gorgeous.

  10. @Ansa: Aww thank you! I'm really taking care of them now, because 2 weeks ago they were so short and ugly. :/

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Me too, me too! :))

  11. Prekrasan <3 ja odo holoa zasad imam samo she 427 i neki no name crni :) al zelim ih puno puno :)


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