Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swap with Flavia from Similar Addiction

Hello dear readers and followers, how are you today?

I've been lazy these days, so I didn't post anything for the past 3 days I think. I was spending time at my boyfriend. And I HAVE TO study!! TODAY!

Let me start with the fun part - SWAP - Flavia, from Similar Addiction - check her blog, she has so beautiful nails and I love her blog - contacted me a month ago and kindly offered to get me Blue my mind - H&M. This gorgeous polish was on my WL since I saw it on blogs. As you probably know, I'm really not into the blue colors, but this one was one I wanted so badly. And now I got 2!

Yaaaaaaaaaay! Check the pictures!

I got also 3 rings and they are super cute and PINK! Looooove them!

From L to R:
H&M - Blue my mind, H&M - Bella's Choice and again H&M - Blue my mind

From L to R:
H&M minis - Neon orange, Neon pink, Neon Lilac and Neon Yellow

From L to R:
deBBY ColorPLAY #58 and #57

KIKO #231 Sparkle Touch Multicolour Paillettes and rings

Thank you so much Flavia!

I really like all the polishes and the rings! And because of you now I have Blue my mind, yaaaaay!

I was like little girl when I was opening the parcel and I immediately put Blue my mind on my nails, I'll upload pictures later and show you another great package I got from Chris!


5 Comment(s):

  1. What a fantastic swap! H & M polishes are lovely and the Kiko looks great! Can't wait to see your manis using your new polishes =)

  2. Super, komaj čakam tega lepotca na tvojih nohtkih!

  3. če je en blue my mind odveč ... ;))

  4. @ Carolina: Tnx! :) I was so happy when I saw all goodies I got. :)

    @ 'chelle: Thank you! I also can't wait to try them all. :))

    @ With love, Ana: Hehe, je takoj letel na nohtke, hihi. :D

    @ duckalicious: Hehehe, na žalost ni, mogoče, če se ga kdaj naveličam. :P


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