Sunday, August 1, 2010

Catrice - Let's mauve on!

Hello dear readers,
are you having a nice Sunday? As I said I was sleeping like a little baby and today I'm full of energy.

Let me show you my last Catrice polish - Let's mauve on! I was expecting that this shimmer shade will be more purple - mauve and not so pink. Hmmm... How could I describe this shade? I'm really not good at describing anything. Help me!

I add 2 coats, application is great, you already know what I think about Catrice.

Like it or not?


7 Comment(s):

  1. Cute! I like such colors :)

  2. Vii, za tega pa sploh nisem vedela, da je shimmrast! Lep, lep :))

  3. Zelo zelo lep lakec! Pa še kar ne morem nehat strmet v tvoje čudovite nohte! <3

  4. @ Shiny! Thank you!

    @ Bunny: I tottaly agree with you. :)

    @ Biba: Ja ja, padaš na shimmraste? Pol je pa direkt zate. :)

    @ Tiana: Hvala. :)) Hehe, niso več taki, sm jih dons skrajšala. :( :P

  5. I have this too, I love it! It looks gorgeous on you =)

  6. @ 'chelle: Thank you! I love it too, it's a really amazing color! <3


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