Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Bubblegum Pink + Konad

Hi dear readers and followers! It's been a long day for me, I'm so tired.

Yesterday I add some stamping to my mani, I was in a rush so the result wasn't perfect, but I still like it. I used M64 and Essence - Mr. Big for stamping.


Like the combo?

I was studying today and it's so hard to start. But I have to! I will! I have exam on Friday, hope everything will be O.K.. I just need to study really hard.

Nighty night,

9 Comment(s):

  1. You pick the best colors to konad. I wish I had your ability to do that.

  2. Beautiful combo, it's such a happy mani, if that makes sense :) Love it!

  3. Super luštno in super izvedba! =)

  4. Great colour combo! It's so pink and girlie =)

    All the best for your exam!

  5. @Smita & Carolina: Thank you, girls! :*

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Don't be silly, I'm sure that you can make even more beautiful combos! :)

    @Shiny!: Thank you! It was really positive to me, also. :)

    @nihrida: Hvala. :) Mislim, da bi lahko celo bila boljša, če bi bila pozorna na to, kako obračam štampiljko. :)

    @'chelle: Tnx. :) I totally agree with you - It's really so girlie. :P

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  7. Thanks for posting pics. This is a beautiful medium pink girly nail polish. Just what I've been looking for. :)


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