Saturday, August 28, 2010

H&M Summer Nails - Neon Pink

I totally forgot to upload pictures of this beauty. So, let me show you mini H&M polish - Neon Pink from Summer Nails set. I got it in swap with Flavia and I love it.

In set are 4 mini neons - orange, pink, purple and yellow. And I picked pink.

Not really a neon, kind of jelly or creme, I don't know, and I like it. I add 2 coats, really great application and I like it a lot. A love the tiny bottles, they're so cute!

Like it?

It's so boring day, raining and I'm so lazy today. I really can't do anything, perfect day for resting and relaxing.


2 Comment(s):

  1. Jooj, jaz bi tudi te mela... :) Ta rozast lakec je res vroč! Zelo ti paše. ;)

  2. @Tiana: Hvala Tiana! Ja, kompletek je res lep! <3


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