Friday, August 6, 2010

S-he - 467


what a boring day. I just don't know what do to with myself. I think I'll start studying. Yeah, right. Maybe tommorow?

Let me show you one beautiful polish I got from my neighbour Veri. I helped her with maths and she knows how to make me happy - just give me any polish and I'm happy. Thank you again, Veri!

S-he #467 - Polishes without name are so booooring... Please give them names, it would be more interesting. I add 2 coats, it's like pink with glassy flecked shimmer. Application was great, dries very fast... Love it!


Do you like it?

Take care,

4 Comment(s):

  1. That is an awesome color on you. I'm weird about the names too. I like them to have names, but not some of the real stupid names they come up with (OR) the real suggestive names. I think that's totally inappropriate to have suggestive names. We have 2 lacquers brands here in the states that uses suggestive names and I think...Little girls buy this stuff. Stop with the suggestive innuendo. :P It is a fabulous polish on you, sorry for the rant. :P

  2. @ Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Really?! In that case I would rather see numbers than a suggestive names. I don't know what are they thinking about, but I really don't aprove that. :/

    Don't worry, I really like reading comments. :) And thank you! <3

  3. uuu, ovaj je super. Cini mi se da ga nisam videla kod nas, sad cu malo bolje pogledati ;)

  4. @hermetic: Hvala! I meni je baš super! Nadam se, da ćeš ga naći. :)


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