Saturday, July 31, 2010

Catrice - Princess For a Day & Comparison

Today I'll show you 3rd Catrice polish I bought in Zagreb - Princess for a day. Name of the polish is super cute and color is really beautiful - creme pink polish. Application is really good, I add 2 coats, I could go even with 1, quick drying - All compliments to Catrice polishes!

Here is Princess for a Day with my favourite ice cream - Kontiki - icy ice-cream with pineapple, apple and strawberry. So refreshing when it's really hot! What is your favorite Ice cream?


On all pictures above I'm wearing Essence SYF - Flashy Pink on my index finger - 2 coats, which I get from lovely Ana from With love, Ana a while ago. They are not dupes, Flashy pink is a little bit darker but you don't need both of them. I also think that Essence doesn't sell this shade anymore.

Do you like the color?

I'm so tired, I was all day shopping and I got some awesome pieces of clothes and some nail polish, of course. Today I'll sleep like a little baby.

Nighty night,

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  1. Mmmm that ice-cream looks yummy! We have one in england called Zap but the colours are kinda marbled together and not in layers like yours lol!
    Oh and the shocking pink polishes are soo cool! =)


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