Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Essence - What do you think? + Konad

Good Morning!

I upgraded my manicure that I showed you here yesterday with konad. I used image plate M78 and Essence Show Your Feet - Hot red.

I'm not happy with the result. Stamp doesn't work as usuall, maybe it was too hot and the nail polish dries quicker? Well, at least I have reason to remove this mani and make the new one.

Do you have any problems with stamping when is very hot or am I just so clumsy?

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Have a nice day ladies!


6 Comment(s):

  1. Lepo. Pa nohtki so ti full zrastli, a nda? :*

  2. WOAH how do you do that??? And why do you have such nice nails? Sigh. I got some nice nail varnish from Armani - see my blog if interested - but I could never do the design thing that you've done. wow.

  3. No you aren't clumsy! I find if I konad with the heater on in my room (it's winter here in Syd) it doesn't work very well. Plus on some days stamping works great while other days nothing goes right!

    I think your mani is very cute!

  4. It looks good to me! I thik that's a great choice of color to go with the orange, too.

  5. @ With love, Ana.: Jaaa, rastejo počasi. :) Edino palec mam zlomlen. Upam, da mu še ostali nohti ne začnejo sledit. :/ Hvala sweety. :*

    @ Café Bellini: Well, I have a lot of problems with my nails, they are so weak - thank you for compliment! Of course you can do the same design as I, even more beautiful than this. :) You just need Konad (check youtube - there are so many tutorials how you do the stamping) - It's not difficult at all! I'll check your blog, thank you for your comment! :)

    @ 'chelle: Hehe, so my thoughts were right. :) I totally agree with you - sometimes is so easy and sometimes just drives me crazy. Thank you! :* Oh you have winter, so not cool - I hate winter! :))

    @ KarenD: Thank you! It's a really summer combo I think. :)

  6. Veoma lepa boja kao i konad.


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