Monday, July 12, 2010

Essence - What do you think?

Hello Hello,

it's a sunny day... Yaaaaaaaay, love it!

Today I'll show you Essence - What do you think? It's a creamy orange polish, application is more than great, it dries quick, no bubbles - it can't be better. Color&Go polishes are the best!

I add 2 coats, maybe it would be better if I added one more.


This polish is very similar to Catrice - I scream Peach - you can see the comparison here, made by lovely lady, Ana. And I think I read somewhere, that is also similar to Chanel - Orange Fizz. So cool, right?

Do you like it? Do you own it?


4 Comment(s):

  1. I like this. Very pretty and summery

  2. @ Ansa: I totally agree with you - it's really a sumer color. :)

  3. wow thats a great color! i should try it out!
    you should check out my blog! follow back?

  4. @ GiveMeFashionNow: Yes you should, it's really a summer shade. :) I'll check, thank you for your comment and following!


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