Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Catrice - Lucky in Lilac


how are you? Are you having a great day?

Let me show you the second Catrice polish I bought in Zagreb - Lucky in Lilac. Like the name said, is lilac creme polish. I add 2 coats for perfect opacity. I loooove the aplication, the brush and quick drying - Catrice polishes become one of my favourite.


Do you like it? I think I'll add konad and maybe do a quick comparison with some similar shades I own.

Have a nice day,


6 Comment(s):

  1. Lucky in Lilac is so beautiful! What a gorgeous colour, looks great on you.

    Catrice is one of my favourites too =) I'm lucky enough to get them in swaps otherwise I would never be able to get them!

  2. @ 'chelle: Thank you! I like it too, so beautiful. <3

    I wish they could sell all polishes in every state, on every continent. :) It would be so much easier to get them. But thanks to swaps, we can get them anyway and it's fun too. :) Be good. :*

  3. Oooooo jeeeeeh, I like it very much! :)

  4. @ Tassa: Hehehe Tassa, si me nasmejala. :) Hvala. <3 Malo moram za tabo ponavljat pri izbiri lakov. :P

  5. I looove Catrice! It's my go-to brand, since it's so affordable, yet great quality. I'm so happy to be living in The Netherlands, where they're really easy to get.

    This one looks great on you!

  6. @Ilse: Me too! :) And they release so many new great colors now. :L I'm so happy we have them now too.
    Thanks. :h I was just looking at how long my nails were. :D


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