Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jaden - Justin - Usher @ Grammy's

It's a terrible week behind me... And I mean it. It went so good with my exams but then something went wrong this week. I've 4 left for June, yay - not! But I'm not going to give up! It's so annoying because I always pass the most difficult exams and failed at easiest. Arrrgrhhhhhhh, stupid me... tanduk
I'll be probably working at administrative unit for 2 months starting next month and I just can't wait. I have also almost decided the theme of my thesis which I'll be typing in next half year. senyum I hope I'll make it somehow. gigitjari

Anyway enough of complaining, tommorow I'll start showing my nails again. I had my Valentine's manicure for 5 days on my nails and only Lilacism chipped after few days, other nails were still perfect. senyumkenyit
Thank you for so many comments, it was so good to read them! You're the best.peluk

I didn't watch Grammy Awards but I just saw this video on youtube. I suscribed JustinBieberVEVO channel long time ago and it was uploaded few days ago. I really like Bieber, I'm seeing him like my little brother just living his dreams, weird I know.ihikhik And this performance with Jaden and Usher is just great. I'm a big fan of Usher, his dancing and singing skills are just amazing. sembah

I don't know why so many people hate Bieber? I saw lots of parodies and also hateful videos, pictures... I just don't get it. Live and let live. I would definetely love to be on his place. rindu

I always forgot to mention that I passed 200th post, yay for me. And the number of followers is rising, yaaaaay! Thank you for following me and welcome! menari

Have a great weekend dear readers and followers!

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