Monday, November 8, 2010

Confetti - Vava Voom + Konad

I get up late again so when I wanted to take photo of my manicure it was already a night outside. And the weather is so bad, so boring and depressed. Hate it!tension

I add polka dots pattern from M79 Konad Image plate. I'm so happy Essence started selling a nail art white stampy polish, because I always wanted to find alternative for white Konad nail polish. It works great and it's cheap - 1,89€ per bottle for 5 ml.

That's it! Like it? I must admit that I like it but lengh of my nails is going me crazy. Why? I don't know. When my nails are longer, they start curving and that's I really hate. I think I'll shorten them a little. I'm always crying that I want long nails and when I'm on a good way to have them, I'm not satisfied.
Who would understand me? fikir


12 Comment(s):

  1. Super cute...baš su slatki :-)

  2. polka dots are alwayssss the cutest :))

  3. resnično se slinim ob vsaki tvoji objavi =))perfektni nohti in vedno prekrasne manikure!

  4. Preslatko.. nokti ti odlično izgledaju... gdje ti vidiš da se uvrću???

  5. ooo, polka dots, res so čudovite<3. Glede uvihanja nohtov pa mene to niti malo ne moti=)

    P.S. Dobila sm vse metallics lakce, če bo vse po sreči grem že jutri na pošto=)

  6. iiiii, sweet <3 tele pikice so res ful simpatične!

  7. eeeeeek super cute :) to z nohti se pa meni tudi dogaja, hate it :(

  8. I hear ya! I love my nails long but they cause so many problems when they are long. Very pretty color and the polka dots make them super cute.

  9. Its soooo cute I love it:)

  10. Thank you girls! I really like this pattern, as you said, polka dots are very cute! <3 I'm glad you like it!

    @Lalica: Uvrću uvrću i te kako, ali kad tako stavim ruku se to ne vidi. x)

    @colorfulbottle: Pa so jih uspele dat! Jupiii! Hvala! :*

    @Ina: Meni tudi! :( Jaz sem jih že malce skrajšala. x)


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