Saturday, November 20, 2010

Essence LE Crazy About Colour - Think Pink & Ruffian Manicure

I picked this one a while ago, when was Crazy about Color in DM. In this LE were 3 polishes - pink, lilac and green/blue. When I saw pictures, I already know that I will pick just Lilac forever one, but when I found this TE in store, I took also this one with me. And I'm glad I bought it, because it's so beautiful!

I add 2 coats and 1 coat Seche Vite. Think Pink - I always think like that. senyumkenyit Name is just so cute! I would describe this color a reddish bright pink with creamy finish!

Outside on a cloudy day
With flash

First picture was taken on 4th day wearing it, so it really last long without chipping or even without tip-wear. I had it for 5 days now so I upgrade it with ruffian. I really don't like the combination, but I took one picture just so show you my failed ruffian attempt.senyum

I used 1 coat of Color Club - Worth the risque over Think Pink, silver holographic nail polish.

With flash
Please don't mind different skintone on pictures, I always play with settings on phone to capture real color of my manicure, so I don't pay attention how my hands look like.

What do you think?senyumkenyit

Happy weekend!

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  1. AWESOME ruffian. Never would have thought of a holo. Woot Woot!!! Keep them coming.

  2. waw noro lepo ti pristajata in samo pink in ruffian izvedba.. <3

  3. amazing combination of colors, gorgeous.

  4. Awesome! You have such pretty photos! :>

  5. Ful mi je všeč pinky lak :) tale ruffian mi pa niti ni všeč blo pomoje bolš <če bi obratno skombinirala, se pravi spodaj srebrna in zgoraj rozika :) nohtki so pa kot vedno top <3

  6. Love the shape of your nails! :)

  7. @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Thank you! I really don't like it, my first ruffian was much better. :D But I really like how ruffian looks like on me, so I'll definetely make another one. :P

    @April: Tnx! :)

    @mancina se štima: Hvala! Tale pink je res posebna. :)

    @Andreea: Thank you! I wish I choose another color for ruffian. xD

    @sabbatha: Thank you! I try to do my best I can. :)

    @.sparkle*: Hehehe, meni tudi ni bila všeč, zato je tudi nimam več na nohtih. x) Mogoče bi bilo tako res boljše, ampak ker sem že imela pink lak spodaj, sem res zbrala slabo barvo za nadgradnjo. :D Hvala! :*

    @Miss Aggie: Thank you! :)

    @nail crazy: Hvala! :)

  8. Waw, 4 dni pa nič tip wear-a. Ko bi se na meni lakci tako dolgo obdržali =(.

    Tale ruffian mi je pa všeč, ampak vseeno je bila prejšnja ruffian manikura še lepša =)

  9. @colorfulbottle: Ja, presenetljivo dolgo je zdržal. :) Tudi pri meni se prej pojavi tip-wear, že zaradi tipkanja. xD

    Jp, prva je bila zmagovalna. :D

  10. The reason I don't like it is because it sort of looks like your cuticles are damaged and inflamed or bleeding. Not your real cuticles, they look fine, it's the dark pink that gives the illusion. This color combination would probably work if you had done a half moon mani instead.

  11. @Donna: You're right! I really didn't like it! I would love to try half moon manicure but I really think it would be a mess. :D


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