Sunday, November 28, 2010

Essence LE Glam Rock - Pink Punk + BM

What's the perfect polish to stamp on holo polish? Another holo polish. ihikhik I decided to make another mani with this lovely stripes pattern. Like before I had to stamp it once and then stripe by stripe to fill the empty place at side of my nails.

I used Color Club - Wild at Heart for stamping over Pink Punk and BM20. Only one picture fot today.

What do you think? I really like it.

And this is my 150th post!blur Yeah... I really hope I won't lose my inspiration and I have to make a Light Box as soon as possible. I always hesitate from today on tommorow.xpasti

Wish you happy and relaxing Sunday!


5 Comment(s):

  1. prečudovito <3
    mi je takole pokonadirano še dosti lepše kot sam Pink Punk <3

  2. Čestitke za 150 post =))))). In veliko uspehov, ispiracij in užitkov še naprej =)).

    Tale manikura je pa kot vedno popolna =)

  3. @Anček: Hvala, meni sta obe verziji všeč. :)

    @Tinna & @ritterbraten: Thank you! <3

    @colorfulbottle: Hvala, hvala. :* Samo upam, da res ne ostanem brez inspiracije pa bo vse O.K.. :)


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