Friday, November 5, 2010

Time for Awards #3

Recently I've been tagged a few times and I'm always happy when someone tag me, that means a lot to me. senyum And because I'm very lazy it took me some time to make this post.

So, let's start... Excuse my english, I'm sure I made a lot of mistakes. malu

Katrina from Katrina's Nail Blog gave me this cute Sponge Bob Me encanta tú Blog award! Awwwwww thank you sweety, I love your blog!peluk

I have to answer to this questions:

1. Why did you create the blog?
Because I was bored and I had to make something for myself - to post mostly my nails but also other things. First I thought I'll be writing it for myself but I already met a lot of kind girls and that makes me happy!

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
Mostly nail blogs, but I follow also a few make-up blogs, fashion blogs, etc.

3. Do you have a favourite make-up brand?
Not really. I don't use a lot of make-up - just mascara, lipgloss and sometimes a powder and eyeliner and that's it.

4. And a favourite clothing brand?
Don't have it either. I buy myself what I really like no mather what brand it is. But I love shopping in H&M, I always find something for myself there.

5. What make-up products is essential for you?
Just mascara, at the moment I'm using a MaxFactor - False Lashe Effect. I always want to have looooong eyelashes and since my natural lashes are pretty short, this one make my lashes longer and beautiful, just like I want.

6. What’s your favourite colour?
Hmmm... If we talk about color of my nails you already know my answer - all sorts of pink. If we don't... Well, pink obviously, purple, black and white.

7. What’s your favourite perfume?
Definetely Dior - Hypnotic Poison.

8. What’s the film you liked the most?
That's a hard question because I can't pick only one. Some of them I really like are: Man on fire, all parts of Saw, Pearl Harbour, Titanic, The Green Mile, La Vita è Bella, Seven Pounds, The Karate Kid - the new one, Ip Man, The Guardian,... And many, many more. I really love watching movies!

9. What countries would you like to go?
Anywhere, but first I would love to visit all beautiful and dream beaches, because I really love sea, sun and sand.

Nihrida tagged me with a Versatile Blogger award! Thank you, honey! Your blog is one of my favorite!peluk

I have to tell 12 things about me and tag 7 other blogs. This will be hard but I will do my best.

1. I'm so lazy, I can lie in my bed all day with my laptop on my knees and I don't need anything more.
2. I can't give away any of my nail polishes, even if I have back-ups or I know I won't wear it. Why? I don't know, I always convince myself that maybe I'll need it once.
3. I have insomnia a lot of times. I can't sleep at night so I fall asleep in the morning and wake up late. But I've always been a night person.
4. I missed almost 80% of my lectures in school in all 3 years, because all were early in the morning and I hate it when I have to get up early. But on my luck, I made almost all exams, a few more to go and my diploma and I'm done with this faculty.
5. I hate snow and low temparetures. If I could choose, I would have summer all year long. And I hate when it's snowing outside and I have to go somewhere, because I'm always wet like a puppy and cold!
6. I have a driving licence for about a year now, but I don't want to drive, because I'm scared. I rather use a bus or a train. Beside that I'm scared also of spiders and all kinds of insects and lightning - I can't sleep if I'm alone and if it's the storm and a lot of lightning outside!
7. I don't know what I would love to work in my life. I'm studying at Faculty of administration and I hate it! But I really don't know what I want in the future! I'm 21 years old and still lost...
8. My mother hates my laziness and my room, because it's so messy like a grenade fall in, but I like it that way, so she always yell at me. Of course I don't listen to her.
9. I love sea and sun - Summer, please be here soon!!! But I hate all sea animals and plants in the water, I really prefer just sand and clean water or I won't go swimming at all!
10. When I "grow up", I want to have at least 2 children, because being an only child is a nightmare to me! I don't know what were my parents thinking, obviously nothing!
11. I love playing PS3 games or watching my boyfriend when he plays it. My favorites are Uncharted 1&2, The Bourne Conspiracy, Lost, Heavenly Sword, Pirates of the Caribbean,...
12. I can eat a looot and I really love McDonalds, pizza and all that junk food that makes me fat. But I can't stop eating that!

Huh, that was long!

Next... Sweet Ulmiel from Did someone say nail polish? tagged me for a blog author-get to know you questionaire. Thank you! peluk I will try to keep it short and simple.

1. Innie or Outie?
Innie always when it's cold, outie when it's hot!

2. Unlimited wealth? Or Unlimited health?
Unlimited health! You can't buy health!

3. What is your favorite book?
I don't read. Shame on me! I can't prepare myself to read.

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
Somewhere at the beach house... That's my dream!

5. What is your security blanket?
My boyfriend. I really feel very safe when I'm with him.

6. What is your mode of transportation?
Bus, train, my legs and my boyfriend.

7. What is your signature scent?
At the moment, Gucci - Rush and Dior - Hypnotic posion.

8. If you were at Hogwarts, what house would you belong to?
Gryffindor of course.

9. If you could be any Disney princess who would you be and why?
Ariel - so I could live in the sea.

10. What is one of your bad habits?
I'm lazy as hell!

Simple as that. senyum I will tag 10 bloggers with all 3 awards, I also included these who gave me an award and I'm giving you other 2!

Just something more and I'm done!

Megan from Kitschy Suburbia and Carolina from Colores de Carol tagged me with One Lovely Blog Award, which I already recevied and tagged other blogs here, but I just want to thank you both for this great award! You're so sweet!peluk

Then sweet Ina from Hysteria Of Decay tagged me with a Happy 101 award I already recevied and write down 10 thing I like here and they are still the same, so thank you Ina for this sweet award! peluk

That's it! I don't know if someone will read all this but at least I wasn't bored. ihikhik Hope I didn't forget anything.


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  1. iii hvala za nagradice sweety :) <3

  2. Hvala za nagrade, sj bi te taggala nazaj, ampak se mi zdi bresveze, glede na to, da si pravkar vse objavila. Ampak ti jih kr tukaj vrnem=).

    P.S. Tvoj blog je na moji letvici najbolj priljubljenih med top 3, se pravi da si zaj že V.I.P =)

  3. @colorfulbottle: Malenkost! :) In opa, to mi pa laska! :)

  4. Ooooo, Ivana! Hvala!!! :***

    In veš kaj pravim jaz: lenoba = znak inteligence; I haz it! XD

  5. Thank you for the awards!
    As soon I got chance I will do it!

  6. @nihrida: Malenkost! :**

    Hihihi, se strinjam, ampak če bi bilo več takih, ki tako mislijo, bi bilo še boljše. xD

    @Carolina: You're welcome, you really deserve it! :*

  7. Hvala ti! :) Bom še ta teden objavila. :D

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