Friday, November 12, 2010

Color Club - Uptown Girl

Nightmare...tension It was so hard to capture its real color. Really! I have so many pictures where is too much brow or grey or purple. But today was such a bright day, so it helps me a lot with capturing real color.

Uptown girl is a greyish purple with touch of brown? creme nail polish. I would say - Mauve taupe color. senyum It's also hard to describe it. I add 3 coats and 1 coat Seche Vite. I didn't have any problems with application, one Color Club more that I really like.

Pictures are a little fuzzed, because I forgot to set up on macro.

I think it's really perfect for fall. I'm still not sure if I like how it looks on me, we'll see. ihikhik

Next step will probably be stamping. menari


10 Comment(s):

  1. I have this one's sister: Ms Socialite. I think I like yours better. LOL

  2. Looks very nice on you.
    Want to see some stamping!

  3. wooow, Ivanaaa!I'm in love <3 res lepa barva

  4. lepa je boja i lepo ti stoji, podseca me malo na Parlez-vous OPI?

  5. @Megan Harmeyer: Ms Socialite is also stunning! Now you have to get this one too. :P

    @Carolina: Thank you! I will try to stamp something for sure. :P *hug*

    @.sparkle*: Hehe, hvala! In pravi je za jesen. :) Mi je pa bolj in bolj všeč. x)

    @hermetic: Hvala! Nisam još navikla na take boje ali mi se sve više i više sviđa. :) Pa tu su neđe ali ima u Uptown girl meni se čini više ljubičaste, evo jedne uporedbe ovde. :)

    @Martje: It's really beautiful. :)

  6. Čudovito, tale barva je res taprava za jesen =)

  7. just beautiful! and so are you nails.

  8. @Tinna: Hvala! :*

    @colorfulbottle: Hvala! Ane? :)

    @Enamel Girl: Thank you! :)


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