Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Nail Polish Collection

I just cleaned a big shoe box where I'm keeping all my nail polishes so I decided to sort them by color, just because I'm bored. I took one picture and I decide to share it with you.senyum

My collection isn't big like I was seeing on some blogs, but I can still remember how I had just 3 nail polishes for french manicure I was wearing all the time and that's it. A few nail polishes are missing, but this it mostly it.

Click on picture to see details.
It's obvious what color is dominant in my collection. senyum What's your favorite color?

I'm still without inspiration and my nails are naked at the moment. I hope I'll post my manicure soon.

Be good!

15 Comment(s):

  1. Hehehe you're like me. I adore pink polish as well

  2. Lijepa ti je kolekcija.. ali ja sam bila uvjerena da ti imaš daleko puno više lakova..

  3. for a nail polish lover, it's quite a small collection :) (not in a negative way)

  4. Your collection is like mine, i think. But I love green color (but i also like pink):D

  5. Green green green! As you can see on my blog. :D I'm having huge and long green phase and it doesn't seem to go away. :D

  6. Look at all the pink! The biggest group in my collection are the purples. I need to take some collection pictures - maybe it'll make me stop buying. LOL

  7. jao, ti bas volis roze :) lepa je kolekcija

  8. @Scandalous: Yay! Now we're 2. :P

    @Lalica: Hvala! Ma kaki, i ovo mi je previše. x)

    @amusedPolish: Agree. :) But I'm buying just colors I really like without any dupes. I don't want cca. 1000 polishes because I don't need them so many. I can live just fine with this small collection I have. Just a "few" more I want from my WL and that's it. xD

    @Mína: Hehe, I really don't like green and I think I don't have any greens. :D

    @Ulmiel: How fun, I don't have any greens. Shame on me! :P

    @Megan Harmeyer: Hehehe, you should, but I don't think you'll stop buying them, that's just a mission impossible.:P

    @hermetic: Da da, samo pink i ništa više. :P Baš mi se to najviše sviđa. Hvala. :)

  9. Whenever I feel uninspired I start doing strange combos or franken a new color for me. Love your collection and the shoe box method of containment. LOL I keep my lacquers in plastic containers from the dollar store on an empty bookshelf in the basement...who needs a helmer? ;)

  10. Dobra kolekcija...kod mene ne bi pronašla ni jedan rozi lak :-)

  11. Lepo zbirko lakcev imaš =). Seveda vsi vemo katere barve je največ =P.

    Moja je vrjetno vijolična, čeprav obožujem tudi modro, zeleno in rdečo=). Seveda po novem tudi roza =)

  12. Aja, sem pozabila napisat da so tvoji laki še zaenkrat celi *blush*. In da se bodo počasi( še 5 jih mam za stestirat) vrnili domov =)

  13. Ooo super zbirka, kar tako naprej :))))

  14. lovely collection :) How many polishes do you have if I may ask? I think I have about the same amount :)

  15. @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: I would love to have sense like you for doing frankens. :) Hehehe, shoe box is good for now, I believe plastic boxes are even better. :) Agree, we don't need helmer at all. :P

    @nail crazy: To baš nije za pofalit. :P Šala. :D

    @colorfulbottle: Hehehehe, hvala. :) Ja rozik se ne sme spregledati, zelenih pa sama ne pogrešam. :P Kar se lakov tiče, naj se ti ne mudi, jih tudi ne pogrešam. x) Kar počasi...

    @With love, Ana.: Hehehehe, nekje se bom morala ustavit. xD

    @Lois: Tnx. :) I really don't know exact number, but I think I have more than 100 and less than 150. :D


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