Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nail Mail

Today I'll show you goodies I got from two lovely girls Colorful bottle and Lyra. Both have beautiful blog I really like to read, so you should check them too! senyum

As I already told you I got only one Essence magnetic nail polish from TE Metallics and Colorful Bottle helped me and got another 3 for me. Today I received them and I can't wait to try them. Lyra also send me 2 beautiful nail polishes, Uptown girl and Lilacism! Thank you a lot! peluk

I add to this picture also cute Essence nail stickers I recently bought and my new glass file I really can't live without. I wanted the pink one, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so I bought blue again. I already got one a while ago but after one week I broke it. I was so mad then, but now I have new one, woohoo! I love this file, because I can easily file my nails in a shape I want, I really recommend this one! You can get it in DM and it costs around 7€. I got it for few € less, because Ina from Hysteria of Decay send me a discount coupon! Thank you!peluk

Essence Nail Art Stickers
Essence TE Metallics:
Iron Goddes
Cooper Rulez!
Steel Me!
Nothing Else Metals
Color Club - Uptown Girl
Essie Mini - Lilacism
Credo glass file

When I opened the package from Colorful Bottle I was so happy. Why? She send me some nail polishes to try and all BM plates to try out! I always wanted to try Bundle Monster plates so she kindly offered to send me and she send me all 21 of them and I really wanted just #20, because of that stripes pattern. Now I'll stamp a lot! Wooohoo! I will try Zoya for the first time, a matte purple beauty - Savita. Can't wait! And Hidden Treasure from Sally Hansen - flakies wooooohoo! I already know that I'll put Savita on my WL!

Sally Hansen - Hidden Treasure in an Essence bottle
Colorful Bottle's Franken - Gold Rush
Zoya - Savita

Bundle Monster Plates

Thank you a lot!peluk I hope you'll like the goodies I send you today!

Now I'm going to take off Cooper Rulez!, reply to the comments and do some stamping with BM plates!


13 Comment(s):

  1. Koja si ti sretnica!!!
    Ja nisam uspila nabavit ni jedan lak iz mettalics kolekcije...nisu još ni došli :-(

  2. Yay, super haul! Komaj čakam Savito, ta je res lepotička. :)

  3. @nail crazy: Ajoj, nadam se, da će te uskoro iznenaditi! Ja sam v DM dobila vse magnetne za swap a za sebe nisam, a juče sam još potpuno punu kolekciju videla u drogeriji TUŠ, ima jih kolko hočeš. :)

    @Ulmiel: Hvala! Savita je res extra, kar vidim, da si jo bom dodala na WL, zdaj čakam posebno priložnost, da jo nalakiram na nohte. :D Verjetno bo šla na mojih nohtih z mano v kino gledat Saw. :D

  4. Please let us know about the bundle monster whole nail stamps. I have read that they are too small to be applied on the whole nail, I want to hear your opinion. Thank you!

  5. @Biberlee: Deal! I already can say that patterns on BM are smaller than Konad, so for my thumb they won't work, because even Konad patterns are small for me, but for the other nails, I'm not sure. We'll see. :)

  6. Yay goodies!!! I'm jealous you have the Essence metallics. Can't wait to see what you do with the BM plates.

  7. Yay! ^_^, so much fun, and generosity ;).

    I jumped, screamed and kissed my hubby when I found Hidden Treasure at a local store last Sept, it's SO amazing!!

  8. Uživaj v testiranju =), komaj čakam da vidim kaj boš ustvarila s Bm ploščicami=).

    Js pa tud že cela nastrpna čakam poštarja =)))

  9. @Megan Harmeyer: Thank you! Hope you'll get them somehow. :)

    @Arie: Hihi, I can imagine that. :) How little things make us happy. :D

    @colorfulbottle: Joj, težka bo. Nem morem se odločiti, kaj bi ustvarila. Preveč izbire. x) Upam, da bo paketek jutri pri tebi in da ti bo všeč. :)

  10. Sem vesela da sta ti lakca všeč :) In super pridobitve :D

  11. @Lyra: Sta ja, Uptown girl sem imela na WL, tako da sem ga končno lahko zbrisala, Lilacism je pa itak prekrasen! Hvala ti! :*

  12. Where did you order the Bundlemonster plates? (A)


  13. @Elize: I didn't buy it, I got it just to try them out. But I think they're available at Amazon? But I'm not sure. :/


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