Monday, November 22, 2010

Ruffian Manicure with Pastel Pink and QT

I'm so bored... I have my headphones in my ears and music so loudly and I'm singing, guess my parents think I'm crazy. gileBut I really can't sleep, weather is so annoying...

My pink mani is here. First I add 3 coats of Avon - Pastel Pink and 1 coat of Seche Vite. My nails look like fake nails, so big and thick. I hate it! More pictures of Pastel pink are here.

Here is one bad picture of this beauty, because I missed the daylight and with flash it looks white but it's not! It's a very light pastel pink and application was horrible. First time when I tried it I didn't have any problems with application, but this time I almost gone crazy. Maybe Something Sweet spoiled me, because it's really easy to apply.

And because I didn't like how thick my nails were, I decided to try Ruffian Manicure again. I really must admit, that I like ruffian on my nails so here is one more. I used QT from China Glaze - pink holographic nail polish. The final result is here, picture were taken with flash.

I still think that my first ruffian was best but I like this one too! What do you think?

Oh btw, what do you think about Enrique Iglesisas? I love a lot of his songs, and this new one is really good, can't stop listening it!

Enrique Iglesisas ft. Ludacris - Tonight

I just found out that I have 199 followers!! Thank you, it really means a lot to me! peluk I really hope I will make one small giveaway in December, because of my birthday and I think it's also a half anniversary of my blog next month! Wooooooohooo! Happy December is coming!menari

Happy beggining of the week, girls!

Be good,

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  1. *Only* 199??? You deserve many more and more will come :D Beautiful manicure! I have a love/hate relationship with ruffian. They look great on photos but on me they make my nails look kind of stubby :D

  2. I don't know why but I noticed many times the same problem with pastel pink polish. I had 3 and all of them "liked" to be seeing as fake nails...

  3. I think you even have more followers. I follow you via bloglovin.
    And how, for God's sake, did you manage to make such a straight line with QT?? I love ruffian, but mine doesn't look like anything near this.

  4. @Thifa: Tnx, I hope so. :) Agree, you can love or hate Ruffian. :) But I'm sure ruffian looks good on you too. :)

    @Ania: Me neither, maybe because of many coats and TC? :) I really prefer Something Sweet more, I didn't have this problem with it. :)

    @Biberlee: I should check Bloglovin, I didn't check that yet. x)
    I don't know, I make it easily with brush of nail polish. xD First I apply polish on middle and then on both sides and that's it. I just have problems with my right hand. :D

  5. Tvoj prvi ruffian je še vedno na prvem mestu, ampak tale je takoj za njim. Res je prekrasno izpadlo, in pa barvi lepo pašeta skupaj =)

    Še dobro da je roza, ker drugače bi še mene skrbelo, če je kaj narobe =)

  6. @colorfulbottle: Hehehe, mislim, da nobena ne bo prekosila moje prve Ruffian manikure, se sploh ne splača truditi. :D In ja, pink je pri meni še vedno IN. :P Ampak manjka mi inspiracije, pa tudi vreme je obupno, ker nikakor ne morem posneti solidnih slik. :/

  7. eden najlepših ruffian manikur kar sem jih kdaj videla :O <3<3


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