Thursday, November 18, 2010

Konad & BM image plates

I'm at home now so I took some time to write this post.senyum

When I recevied BM plates, it was obvious that patterns are smaller than on Konad image plates, but I was hoping that they will still match to my nails. First I tried the stripes pattern on BM20 that I showed you here and I already told you, that the pattern was perfect only for my pinkie. So you have to stamp twice or more if you want to cover your whole nail.

Here is picture of both plates, Konad on left and BM on right. They're quite same size, but on Konad are mostly just 4 all-over nail pattern and on BM 6. From this picture you can already see difference in size of patterns.

I also stamped one pattern from Konad and one from BM on paper to show you the difference. Lenght of BM pattern is just a little smaller but width is much smaller, so those with wide nails will have to stamp at least twice.

When I stamp my nails with Konad image plates, I usually have to stamp just once or twice if my nails are longer, but with BM like I said, I had to stamp more than twice. So, you have to be patient and very precise. Only those with small and narrow nails will stamp just once. I really don't know why are patterns on BM plates so small.fikir

But BM plates have so many lovely patterns that Konad doesn't have, so you need both. ihikhik

So, that's it! Hope this comparison is helpful!senyum


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  1. Hey! I gave you a blog award here:

  2. OK - So I'm not insane. I had a hard time with the "whole" nail stamps on the BM plates because my nails were long. I need to get some real Konad plates!

  3. Meni BM platke super ustrezajo po širini. Včasih imam samo malo težav po dolžini, če imam bolj dolge nohte. :D Vsaj nekje je super imeti ozke nohte, ko drugače mi je vse preširoko. :D Drugače pa super primerjava. <3

  4. Thank you for the comparison! Hope I won't sound like a spoiled brat but can you measure the exact width of the BM image? Thank you!
    And the "punch line" of the post made me laugh - we'll need them both :)
    I so agree :D
    Thank you once again!

  5. Noir: Thank you! :)

    @Megan Harmeyer: No, yoi definetely aren't. :) I find Konad plates better, because it's easy to stamp with them. :)

    @elchy:Oh, srečko! Ampak se mi zdi, da je vseeno lažje poštempljati še enkrat, če gre za dolžino nohtov kot pa širino, ker se res namučim, da je vzorček poleg vzorčka in da ni viden prehod. :) Hvala! :)

    @Biberlee: You're very welcome! :) Ammm... Width is exactly 10 mm. :) And length is 14 mm. I hope your nails are narrow and the pattern would be perfect for you! :D

  6. You're such a sweetheart!! Thank you very much...

  7. @Biberlee: You're welcome, I'm happy if I can help. :*


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