Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OPI - Mad as a Hatter #2

I love glitters! So I choose Mad as a Hatter, I already show it to you a few times. I add 3 coats and one coat Seche Vite.

I had to wash dishes a lot that day, then I took a shower and then the "worst-case scenario" happened. I washed my hands and after wiping my hands with towel I saw that one of my nail was naked. I found on the floor MAAH in one piece. I thought it was because of the BC I put just on one nail but then I tried to pull off all of them and all went off. around

They look like fake nails.sengihnampakgigi

Maybe MAAH doesn't cooperate with Seche Vite TC? When I first tried mini MAAH I used 2 coats of Essie - Good to Go TC and all was fine. Funny, right? At least I didn't have problems with taking off the glitter. ihikhik

Only photo I managed to take was this bad quality photo:

As you know I got my full size MAAH from e-bay, wooohooo!menari I really don't like the brush of mini OPI, it's so tiny and I can't work with it like with big flat brush. Like Blu11 from Polish Drop said, mom and baby OPI:

That's it! I had to share this with you. ihikhik

Take care,

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  1. OMG! That is so funny, haven't senn something like this before. Well, as you said, could be the TC. Hugs!!

  2. OMG that's funny! At least you didn't have the nightmare glitter removal. That's a great color - glitter bomb!

  3. I'll confess I often peel my glitters off like that! Much easier than using acetone. ;p
    Love the cute mini and the big mama, I wish I'd bought this one from TransDesign when it came out, instead of just getting Absolutely Alice.
    Hugs, dear!

  4. haha, that is sooo funny! i honestly like it when the polish comes off like that..that way, its so much easier to remove ;P

  5. Very funny!!! (and I want Mad as a Hatter!!!!) :)

  6. @Carolina: Me neither! I will try G2G again and we'll see! *hugs*

    @Megan Harmeyer: Agree, that's the only positive thing! :) But that happened on same day as I put it on. :(

    @Flavia: You're inventive. :D Oh, I was so mad on myself because I didn't buy it when it was available everywhere! Hope you'll find it someday, but on e-bay is MAAH now so expensive! :( *hugs*

    @Katrina: Hahaha, agree and it's so funny when you pull it off. :D

    @Mína: I hope you'll get it! :) It's really stunning!

  7. meni se je tudi nekaj podobnega zgodilo z MaaH, zato ga sedaj nosim preko drugih barvnih lakcev, je dosti bolj obstojen. Pri lakcu ki ga je tako težko dobiti res nočem da mi takoj odskoči =) za druge je pa super da se ni treba ukvarjati še z odstranjevanjem ;)

  8. @Anček: Se strinjam, ravno zato sem bila malce slabe volje, ker se je to zgodilo še isti dan, ko sem ga nanesla. :( Res čudno, ker prvič mi je zdržal res dolgo. :D Ga bo treba čuvat, druge ni! x)

  9. Hmm, zelo zanimivo=), še nikoli se mi ni lak takole olupil=), mogoče je imel lak slab dan =P.
    Upam da je kriv nadlak, in da bo naslednjič, ko ga boš nanesla zdržal še več kot je prvič..

  10. @colorfulbottle: Jaz tudi, ker bi ga res bilo škoda. x) Mogoče se nisva ujela z mamo OPI kot z baby OPI-jem. :D

  11. Oh.. I thought I was the only one who had something like that happen. The only time I wore it was when my mom treated me to a manicure at the salon, so they used all OPI products - base & top coat too. It didn't chip until after 6 days. And it always chipped in huge bits. I took pictures of what came off too :D

  12. @Abby: Hahaha, I also thought I was the only one. x) So, maybe TC is the problem. I was so sad, because it chipped soon after I put it on my nails. :( I wish I had a back-up of MAAH, then I wouldn't complain about chipping. xD

  13. Awww, you have a mom and baby too! :)
    That happens to me a lot with glitter, especially when topped with Seche. I actually like it when I can peel it off but not so much when it falls of my nails. :D

  14. @Blu11: Yes, we're happy family. :D When it falls off when we don't want to - I just hate it!

  15. Boja je veoma lepa kao i sve ostalo


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