Sunday, November 14, 2010

Zoya - Savita

Yesterday I went to cinema to watch Saw 7 3D - Movie is so awesome! If you love Saw, you have to see the last part! I ate big size of popcorn and I was so sad when the movie finished. I'm wondering how crazy you must be to come up with scenario like this. And the 3D effect is so funny - blood all over, pieces of... ihikhik You must have a strong stomach to watch it, but it's worth!

Like I said I put Zoya - Savita on my nails yesterday. That's the first Zoya I've ever tried. thank you colorful bottle to sending me this one to try out.peluk

It's a deep bluish purple matte nail polish. Application was so difficult, I don't remember having so many problems with any polish I have, even with Suede from OPI. It dries so fast, so you have to be really fast with applying it and that's the problem, because the application can quickly become uneven and horrible. I add 2 coats.

Here is my try, not perfect at all.adus

This blurple is so stunning, I wish the application wasn't so difficult or maybe I just need more practice with applying matte polishes.

Later I add a TC, I still have to upload pictures from my phone, so I'll show you them next time!

Happy Sunday!


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  1. I love that one! The application is horrid, but I think Savita is worth the extra trouble :)

  2. I put Veruschka on my nails today, and I agree - application is hard, but in my opinion worth it. :) And yeah, with TC is even more beautiful, don't you think? Versuchka looks just stunning, I bet Savita is the same.
    And your manicure looks great, as always, no visible mistakes!

  3. Awesome color!! I don't usually go for matte polishes, but I might actually try it out.

  4. @AmyGrace: Agree. :) The color is just amazing, application is bad but it's worth it. :)

    @Ulmiel: Agree, I just upload pictures on computer and it looks gorgeous with TC, that the reason why I'm adding Savita on my WL. :D Thank you, but in RL were mistakes so more visible. x)

    @Megan Harmeyer: If you like it, you should really get it, because it's really stunning! :)

  5. i think you did a great job with it. i tried one of the suedes and it got so lumpy. i smoothed it out with a matte top coat and all was well :)

  6. This one was my first Zoya, I love this beautiful color that looks very nice on you.

  7. Big pity. The color is really pretty though!

  8. @Enamel Girl: Thank you! That's a good idea with matte TC. :) I will have this advice in mind when I'll put my Suede on soon. :)

    @Carolina: I remember seeing it on your blog, but your aplication was so perfect, smooth and beautiful. :)

    @Thifa: Agree, I wish the application was better but maybe I just don't know how to apply it perfectly. :D

  9. Bemti no, zdj hočem pa v kino.
    Čudovit lak.

  10. zelo zelo zeeeelo lepo - kot vedno ;)

  11. Čudovito! Meni pa so mat Zoye lažje za nanašat kot pa OPI Suede laki...

  12. @nihrida: GAME OVER! :D Le pojdi, ker je res super! :D Hvala!

    @Tinna: Hvala! :*

    @Biba: Hvala! Uf, meni je bil moj Suedko prav poezija za nanašati v primerjavi s to Zoyo. :/

  13. Čudovita je, in lepo ti paše =).
    Glede nanosa se pa strinjam, ni raavno nezahteven, amak ti si ga res super nanesla =))

  14. @colorfulbottle: Hvala! Ampak sem se tako namučila, očitno se je splačalo. :P


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