Saturday, November 13, 2010

Color Club - Uptown Girl + BM

As I said yesterday I stamped this beauty Uptown Girl. I used the pattern from BM20 and the most beautiful holographic purple polish - Wild at heart from Color Club. It's really great for stamping, you must have it!sembah

Only for my pinkie the pattern was big enough, for all other nails I stamped once whole pattern and then patiently stamped stripe by stripe to fill the rest of my nail. I find it easier to stamp one by one, because you can't afford any mistakes with these stripes if you want your mani is perfectly stamped.

I must say I love it and it reminds me on a gift wrap. senyumkenyit What do you think?

It's a cloady day, so I took one photo with flash, to capture the holographic effect, but the base color is little less purple than here.

This pattern is one of my favorite, so bad Konad doesn't have it on their image plates. I will write more about all-over patterns from Konad and BM plates in one of my next posts.

I'm in a hurry because I have to remove my mani, not because I don't like it but I want to try Savita immediately. I'm finally going to cinema with my friend to watch Saw 7 3D. Can't wait! senyum

Hope you're having a great end of the week!

Take care,

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  1. noorooo lepo in prekrasne roke imaš!!

  2. Okay, I've seen your smileys coming up as text like [image: sembah] on my dashboard, and I have to ask, how do you put them in your posts? I don't know if you knew, but those words (like sembah) are in Malay. And 'sembah' means worship.

    Btw this is gorgeous & I love it :D

  3. ooo kako lepe črtice <3 na mojih BM platki pa so premajhne :(

  4. čudovito kot ponavadi <3

    uf, maš pa močan želodec če greš gledat žago...gledala sem samo en del (ne spomnim se kateri), s tem da mi je bilo že po prvih 10ih minutah tako noro slabo, da sem potem preostanek več ali manj premižala.

  5. That's so beautiful! You did a great job with the double stamping, respect!

  6. its gorgeous! i was gonna say your must be very tiny, because the BM full stamps don't work for me either. you did a great job getting the lines straight. i have hope now :)

  7. Really pretty...too bad stamps don't fit, and I admire your patience to stamp stripe by stripe :)

  8. apsolutno predivna manikura <3

  9. I love it! You have been very patient to do it! I don't know why they do so small patterns...

  10. Super pretty!!
    I really need to get wild at heart, supert nice as stamping color;).
    thanks for sharing!

  11. yeaa super pretty! I need to try stamping with WaH :D

  12. I always love your manis. GREAT color combo with the stamping. I wish I had your sense of color style ;)

  13. @mancina se štima: Hvala! :*

    @Abby: Oh, really? x) I can't remember right now, I googled how to put smiley emoticons to blogger posts, I think I add the page to bookmarks at home, so when I come home, I'll check it and I'll write it down here, deal? :)

    @Tinna: Hvala! :) Ja, res so majhne, sem jih morala dopolnjevati. Res škoda! :(

    @.sparkle*: Hvala! Hehehe, ja res moraš imeti močan želodec, ker so nekatere scene res bljak. :D Meni je Saw bila že od prvega dela všeč, ker mi vpliva na psiho in se vsa napsiheram, ko se mora nekdo v določenem času rešiti. :D Včeraj je bilo pa super, takoj bi šla še enkrat gledat, 3D efekti so pa tudi bili le pika na i. xD

    @AmyGrace: Thank you! I patientely stamped it just because I love this pattern so much. :D

    @Biberlee: Thank you! If I can do it, everybody can, definetely it's worth it, because this pattern is so cute. :)

    @Lendoxia: Hvala! :*

    @Lendoxia: Thank you! Agree, it would be so much better if patterns were bigger! :(

    @Arie: Thank you! Agree, you really need it! It's one coater, perfect for full manicures and for stamping. <3

    @sabbatha: Tnx! :) You should, it works perfect with stamping. :D

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Awwwwwww, thank you honey! I'm sure you have it! :)

  14. Res je lepooo <3, si kar zeželim zopet malo konada, ampak bo treba še vaje, ker mi nikoli ne uspe tako lepo, še posebej pri vzorčkih čez cel noht =)

    Upam da je bila Žaga 3D super =)

  15. @colorfulbottle: Hvala! :) Sama sem bila navdušena nad rezultatom, ta vzorček je čisto prelep. :) Edini problem je res ta, da so vzorčki tako majhni. :(

    Film je bil pa predobr! Takoj bi šla še 1× gledat! Zdaj čakam, da pride v dobri kvaliteti na net in da ga zloadam ter doma še vsaj 1× pogledam. xD

  16. love the colour combo :) I plan on using the same stamp around December for red and white candy cane nails :)

  17. @Danielle: Thank you! That's a great idea! I'm sure it will look awesome, maybe I'll do something like that too. I'm stealing your idea. :P


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