Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Swap with Carolina from Colores de Carol

A month ago I contacted Carolina from Colores de Carol for doing a swap and she kindly agreed. I'm happy she did!

Yesterday my package arrived but I didn't hear the postman in the morning, so I had to go to post office. And I had to wait like 10 minutes, because they didn't find the package. I was so scared that they gave my package to someone else. That would be really a disaster!!! On my luck they found it and I went first to the doctor - I almost opened it in waiting room.jelir

When I came home I opened it immediately and I was like woooooooooooooow!

Look what I got:
Candies, lollipop, nail sticker,...... menariI already ate all the sweets. angel

From L to R:
China Glaze - IDK, QT, Rich & Fameous, Something Sweet, Peachy Keen

From L to R:
Claire's Mood Nail polish - Calm/Wild, Fabulous/Funky

From L to R:
OPI - DS Extravagance, Color Club - Wild at Heart

From L to R:
Orly - Lollipop, Pixy Stix

From L to R:
Confetti - Vava Voom, Essie - Splash of Grenadine

From L to R:
Seche BaseCoat, Seche Vite TC

From L to R:
Pumpkin - Glow in the dark, Nina Ultra pro - Mermaid, Sally Girl - Champagne Kisses, No more Wraps Nail laminate

From L to R:
Wet n wild - Tropicalia, Lust, Sunny Side

From L to R:
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Pacific Blue, VIP Pink

Amaaaaazing right? Can't wait to try them all. menariCarolina did an amazing job, she really picked shades that I really like.

I really love each one of them, but these 2 take my breath away:

Dear Carolina,
You're really the best. Now my WL is shorter. sembah

Which one would you like to see first??? That's really hard to decide. sengihnampakgigi


13 Comment(s):

  1. zadnja 2 sta res prečudovita <3 na srečo imam oba =)

    če pa se naveličaš ali ti ne bo všeč Pumpkin - Glow in the dark, me kontaktiraj ;)



  3. Dear Ivana, you are very welcome!
    I'm so glad you loved everything, I would love to see a Pacific Blue first.

  4. Ooo, super swap! Mene najbolj zanima kako izgleda Pumpkin lakec v mraku. :) Komaj čakam na vse swatche! <3

  5. @Anček: Ane, res sta must have. :) Ful sem vesela, da sem ju dobil. :)) Velja, te imam v mislih! :)

    @Lalica: Hvala! :)

    @Carolina: Thank you again, Carolina! Your wish is my command! :) Kisses!

    @Tiana: Hvala! Sem se že včeraj igrala z njim, zdaj moram še pogruntat kako poslikat, pa pokažem. :)

  6. nooore pridobitve!! :)

    moram pa se pohvalit da enega od teh pinkijev pa že imam -Chg: Rich and Famous <3

  7. @Tinna: Hvala, meni so tudi vsi všeč! :)

    Uuuu, ta pinki je pa tko lepa! <3 Veš, kaj je dobro. :)

  8. VAU! To pa je bil super bomabastično krasen swap! se že veselim vseh swatchev:)

  9. @KONADomania: Hvala, se strinjam! :) Se je pa kar težko odločiti, katerega izbrati. x)

  10. bas si se usrecila s ovim swapom ha? ^_^ koliko rozih lakova :)

  11. Very nice swap! I just started swapping and I love it!!!

  12. i'd love to see peachy keen!
    i just think i adore that color

  13. OMG what happened here? I didn't change the date of this post and we had this swap in September. xD Anyway, blogger has gone crazy. :D I just added link to all polishes I tried, weird. :)

    @Lendoxia: Da, baš. :D Ali drugi je bilo baš ono još rozi swap. :D

    @ABC nails: Thank you! :) Swapping is just fun! :D

    @maRyya: I already swatched it once, you can see pictures by clicking on Peachy Keen. :) It's really a great pastel orange. <3


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