Saturday, September 11, 2010

OPI - Mad as a Hatter

I'm sure you already saw it a thousand times but here you'll see it again.

Mad as a Hatter is a multi color glitter nail polish from the OPI Alice In Wonderland Collection. When I first saw it, I was like - I didn't like it at all!! But a couple of days ago I watched swatches again and I fell in love with. I wish that never happened, because now I can't get a full size!

So, very kind Tamara from Cherry Colors send me a mini and I was so happy so I tried it immediately when I came back home yesterday. All I can say is - Wooooooooooow! Stunning! I can't stop looking at my nails.

So, thank you Tamara a lot!

But now I want a full size and I can't get it anywhere and now I'm so sad. I wish mini OPI-s would be a littlebit bigger, so it could last for a while. And I'm mad at myself, because I could easely buy it and I didn't.

On the pictures are 2 coats and 2 coats G2G! I won't take it off till it'll chipp away. Click on the picture to see more details of multicolor glitter. It was really hard to capture real color and I also forgot my second phone at boyfriend, so this is the best I could take.


So bling bling, right? Amazing! And with this tiny bottle my fingers look huge.

And one close up photo:
How many colors! Stunning!

MY REQUEST! Please read.

If anyone of my readers have it and don't like it, or if you can find it at your place please let me know, because I would buy it immediately or we can do a swap! I can get you anything what I can get in our stores. Please let me know if someone is interested. You're my last chance to get a full size of this stunning nail polish.

Edit - 13/9: I purchase it on e-bay! One really kind girl help me to get it, because I don't own a credit card yet! Hope, I'll get it soon!

Have a nice and relaxing weekend!


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  1. Hi Ivana!!
    I love it!
    The same thing happened to me, I had the chance to get it and I didn't, but the Sweetheart Carli, from Kondad-Licious sent me a mini bottle that now I don't want to use because I don't want it to run out. LOL

  2. Joj škoda, da nisi bila že prej navdušena, sama sem ga naprej prodala, ker je bil preveč bling bling zame ;)
    Ti pa paše <3

  3. @Carolina: I love it too! <3 I used it just once and it's now just half inside left. :( I think I'll be like you, I won't use it because of the same reason as you don't. xD

    @With love, Ana.: Ja, to je pa res škoda! :( Hvala! :* Men je tako popoln! <3

  4. You're welcome.... me veseli, da je dobil ljubec dom (pri meni je bil 1x uporabljen in potem je lezal tam zapuscen)... Je pa zanimivo, pri meni je bilo obratno. Ko sem ga prvic videla sem se zaljubila, ko sem ga dobila me je pa cisto minilo.. :))

    Aja pa vso sreco z iskanjem velikega opija..

  5. @Tamara: Hvala! :) Res je postal moj fav! Pa zdj ga je še tok mal notr, da ga sploh ne bom več dala na nohte ampak občudovala njegovo lepoto v flaški. :D

    Upanje umre zadnje, mogoče ga pa dobim. x)

  6. Wow I'm in love with this polish
    I got it on my nails right now and I just can't stop staring at it.

  7. uh, lep je ja:) ...verjetno se tezko odstrani?..Mene te blescice vedno zivcirajo, ker grejo tezko dol:)

  8. Prekrasan je lak! Prekrasan!

    Ali ne mogu ti pomoći oko pronalaska veće bočice, imam ga na wish listi, ali si ti sretna jer imaš bar malu. :)

  9. @Rebie: I do the same thing you do: I'm starring at my nails all the time! I'm crazy. xD

    @Pink_Diamond: Ne vem, ne dam ga dol, dokler že sam skor dol ne pade. :D Mislm pa, da za take lake je dobro odstranjevanje s folijo, postopek lahko najdeš na nihridinem blogu. :)

    @Lalica: U pravo si, barem nešto ali kad bi sad i veliku bočicu. :( Ali ako ga ikad nađeš, seti se i na mene. :) I stvarno jest prekrasan. :)

  10. I saw this a few times in stores many many many months ago and thought, meh. But one day I went for a mani pedi (mom's treat) and decided to try this color. From that moment on, I HAD TO HAVE IT!! I searched high and low in every store I could think of, but not even the manicure salons would sell it to me.
    In the end I got it from and it cost a bomb! Plus now it is stuck in the US (there were some complications with the shipping, they can't bring it to where I am because it's flammable. it's ridiculous!). Maybe you can try ebay or

  11. @Abby: Thank you for your comment! :) Yes, it is really hard to find it right now. :( And I'm so sorry to hear what happened to your MAAH. Blah! :/ Hope you'll get it ASAP!!! :)

    I looked on e-bay but the prizes are really ridiculous, I still think is it worth so much? But on the other hand I want it so badly, so I'll have to do something. :D

  12. Ivana poslala sam ti mail pa daj pliz baci oko, nažalost ne radi se o laku :(

  13. @Lalica: Bacila sam oko, ali nema ništa kod mene. :) Ali sam ti poslala i ja mail sad. :)

  14. Zelo je lep=)

    Včasih smo res zanimive, jamramo, ker so nam Zoye, O.P.I.-ji ali drugi 15ml laki preveliki, potem ko pa imamo majhno stekleničko zelo lepega laka pa nam ta hodi premajhna....
    Upam da čimprej najdeš enega full size, ali pa mogoče vsaj še enega majhnega=)

  15. I just checked on Amazon and they don't have it anymore :/ I know, keeping my MAAH from me is a cruel form of torture ;)

    Well, OPI's Burlesque collection is coming out few months from now and they have 6 glitters. Two of them look a bit like MAAH, but I don't know if they will be as good. Fingers crossed! I'm eyeing the bluish green one on the left. Promo pic:

  16. @colorfulbottle: Hvala! :) Ja, se strinjam. Pa lih v enem postu sm napisala, da je škoda, k ni več minijev. x) Sam vsaj mal večje flaške bi mogle bit. :D
    Neki sm že nagledala na e-bayu, mogoče pa bo! Držim pesti!!! :)

    @Abby: Yesterday I searched for it on e-bay and I found one for 18£ and one for 22£ with shipping, now I hope it will wait for me till tommorow! Fingers crossed! :)

    I totally forgot on Burlesque Collection. :) If they will look like MAAH, I'll buy them immediately (especially 2nd and 3rd one) when they will be available here! x) As you said, fingers crossed!! :) And thank you for helping me! <3

  17. I think mine was USD16, without shipping.

    You're welcome! I'll wait to see swatches first before buying, just to make sure ;) But after all the trouble that I've gone through to get MAAH, if the Burlesque ones are very similar, I don't think I'll be too happy :/

  18. @Abby: They are going crazy with those prizes!! I saw one for more than 30$!

    Did you see the bottles of Burlesque collection? They are here and here! I will definetely buy Sparkle-icious (this one really looks almost like MAAH) and Show it and glow it! But I'll wait for swatches for sure, can't wait. :P

  19. Bjutiiii.. Kak je lep.

  20. @LadyPure: Ane? :) Ma preveč je krasen! <3 Hvala za komentar. :*

  21. Wow! That's crazy. Even for a bottle of MAAH, that's way too much.

    As much as I love MAAH, now that I have it (sort of), I think Sparkle-iscious looks too much like MAAH, maybe not worth getting :S OPI is expensive here too ): But Simmer and Shimmer looks promising :D

    PS: I'm a fan of Real Madrid too! And Barcelona ;)

  22. @Abby: I totally agree with you, crazy world! :)

    Where are you from? Here is OPI very very expensive, so I usually don't buy it, but how could we say to glitters NO? x) If it's so similar with MAAH, we should buy it, just to have one backup bottle of it. x)

    Real Madrid fan, yaay! :) But don't be fan of Barcelona - Real Madrid is much better. Joke. x)

  23. I'm from Malaysia. OPI costs RM57 here which is about $18. I'm actually in my first year of college, so my parents still give me money. And I don't think my mom will pay for another bottle that looks similar to MAAH. But for a different one, maybe! ;)

    Haha. It's true, Barcelona's previous match to Hercules was disappointing ):

  24. @Abby: Also here. :/ I'm also a student so I don't have a lot of money, this will be my second OPI that I'll pay so much. I paid 18$ for We'll always have Paris Suede. I fall in love with this color. <3 And 2nd one will be MAAH. x)

    I hope you'll get anything you want, Burlesque collection - here we come. x) I'm going to spare some money for them. :D

    I never liked Barcelona. x) But they are a really good team, that's the truth. :D But I hope Real Madrid will win next time on El Clasico (Real Madrid vs. Barcelona). Fingers crossed! x)

  25. @Abby: Check
    here for Burlesque collection - pictures of bottles, tommorow will be also swatches. :))) Can't wait to see them!

    Show it and glow it! is A M A Z I N G! I really MUST get it! <3

  26. I bought a whole bunch of China Glaze the other day, and hid it from my mom. She says I have too many, so I hope she doesn't find out about my hidden stash ;)

    Haha, thanks! I hope you can get whichever you want too! (: I might have to dig out some of my savings if my mom refuses to get it for me.

    All the glitters look really good! Actually, the entire collection looks good! :D

    I don't mind if either team wins, but based on the current standings, I think Real Madrid will win ;)

    Btw I just read about this lady who bought some really cheap OPI on the Internet, and found out that it was fake! Now I'm scared for my MAAH ):

  27. @Abby: Hahaha, hidden stash. x)) You're so funny. :D Hope she won't find it!

    Well, I wouldn't mind if I recevied complete collection. xD

    Well, we'll see, I watched Barcelona yesterday and they are really good - Messi is the king of football! :D

    Hope everything will be OK with your MAAH, let me know when you'll get it. :) But you paid also a lot for it, so I hope it's not fake. I hope my MAAH isn't fake. I would die. xD

  28. And now I'm tempted to buy more. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing :P

    If I had the money, I would buy the whole collection. I'd be even happier if someone would give it to me :D

    Was that the match against Panathinaikos? They did much better in that one, although I didn't watch it. One of the main reasons I support Barcelona is because of Messi :D

    Thanks, same to you. If mine's fake, my mom will kill me!

    Btw I've just seen the part 1 swatches of the Burlesque collection on the site you gave me. I might have to rob a store to get them ALL! ;)

  29. @Abby: Good! :) It's never enough of them! x)

    Yes, Panathinaikos. :) Messi is really amazing what he's doing with ball! Ö And I just miss Raul in Real, he was really an icon of RM. :/ I hope Mourinho will make RM better and on the end, the best. :)

    Me too! :) Can't wait to see glitters. :) First part didn't impress me, I don't like that kind of shades, good for me and my wallet. ;D Do you write a blog?

  30. Haha. A bigger stash is harder to hide! :P

    RM won against Ajax, so I guess they are doing good (: But I haven't had the time to watch any matches lately ):

    I was hoping the glitters would be posted first, but I like these too. The reds look a lot like China Glaze Ruby Pumps, which I already have. I'm very into glitters & holos now (my previous buy was full of cremes!) so this collection is perfect!

    I will be starting one when my mock exams are over (next Friday). I'll let you know the link when it's ready :D

  31. @Abby: Yes, they win, yaaaaaay. :)

    She posted today also glitters. <3 I would love to have them all, but I will be more than happy if I get pink one, because I adore pink! <3

    Btw... My MAAH arrived today! I don't have it yet, because I have to pick it up, but it comes very QUICKLY! She ordered it on Sunday and today it was at her place. Yaaaaaay! :) Hope you'll get your MAAH soon!

    Yaaay, can't wait. :) I'm sure you'll be doing great with blogging! :)

  32. Sparkle-icious & Simmer and Shimmer are my favourites :D Who wouldn't love to have them all? ;)

    That was fast! Thanks, I'm hoping so too. I've been waiting for it for so long ):

    Haha. Thank you! (: It will probably be just me rambling on and on :P

  33. @Abby: I have to stop watching swatches, because my WL is bigger and bigger. x)

    I was so surprised and happy a lot - can't wait to have a full size bottle in my hand. x) You're welcome! And good luck with your exams!

  34. Haha.. My wishlist is so long, I can't keep track of it :P

    Me too! Btw I asked the person who is keeping my MAAH for me to check, and she says it's real! What a relief! :D

    Thanks again :D I'm going to need all the luck I can get ;)

  35. @Abby: So great to hear that, now you don't have to worry at all. :) Your nails will be so in sparkles, when MAAH arrives. x)) My too, can't wait. :D

  36. Haha.. That will be a long time from now! ):

    I bet you'll be showing pics again when yours arrives ;)

  37. @Abby: Hope it will be faster as you think! :)

    Definetely, it's never too much of MAAH for me. :))

  38. Praying for it everyday! ;)

    Haha.. I think I forgot what it's like to have MAAH on my nails :'(

  39. @Abby: Awwwww come over here and you can use mine. :))

    But I'm sure you have a lot of beautiful polishes to use before it arrives! :)

  40. Hahah I wish I could! I have never been anywhere outside the country besides Singapore and Australia!

    I think I will have used all my new ones before I get to see my MAAH :S

  41. @Abby: I just got my MAAH! I am so happy! <3 Can't wait to put it on my nails again. x)

    Well, you'll have to wait but when it comes, you'll be so much happier, don't worry at all! :)

  42. I'm sure it will be worth the wait. :D Just finished my exams today! You know what that means ;)

  43. @Abby: Yaay! Provide a link asap. :D

  44. Hahah.. Sure (: I'm trying to do the layout now, but the background looks horrible and I have to change it because it's horrible. So it will have to take a little bit longer ):

  45. @Abby: I'm sure you'll make it soon. :) It's really hard to start, but don't worry, you can't go wrong! ;)

  46. Thanks (: Just went to Ikea today and bought some stuff so I think the blog will have to wait a little longer :/

  47. @Abby: I totally forgot to answer. *shy*
    Well, you can make it whenever you want, so let me know when your blog will be ready. ;)

  48. It's okay (: Haha. I will! Hopefully by this weekend ;)

  49. So sorry to keep you waiting! ): I'm almost done with the layout, I promise! Just one small problem that I didn't expect. Waiting to get a reply from someone to get it sorted out.

    Btw I heard the Burlesque collection is in stores already! I don't think they're available here yet, but they're in stores somewhere!

  50. @Abby: Take your time. :)

    I know, I'm seeing on blogs that a lot of them already have them and make swatches, but here won't be sold for a while I'm sure. But I'm doing a 2nd swap with lovely Carolina and Show it and glow it will be part of our "little" swap. Yaay! :) Lucky me! x)

    So, which one you decided to pick from that collection? :) All of them? :P

  51. That's great! You are very lucky indeed (:

    Haha. I wish! I want to get Simmer & Shimmer, Tease-y Does It, Show It & Glow It and Sparkle-iscious. I'm a greedy girl ;)


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