Tuesday, September 28, 2010

China Glaze - QT

Hi everybody,
how are you doing, today?senyum I'm lazy, sleepy these days and I'm spending time with my boyfriend.

Today I'll show you first China Glaze I own. I'll show you all China Glaze I own at the moment in next days (I think I have 7 ChG).

First one I had to try first is QT, which I got in swap with lovely Carolina - pink holo polish from OMG collection. I add 2 coats, it really dries fast but I add 1 coat Seche Vite just to be sure it will stay a few days on my nails. And still looks beautiful and CUTE!

I didn't catch the sunlight so I use flash to capture the beautiful holographic effect! This one is really stunning!
Flash, after 3 days
Flash, 1st day
After 3 days still look beautiful, without tip wear or chipping! Love it! What do you think about this one? It really reminds me on H&M - Sinful Señorita, I think I'll do a comparison when I get home! senyum

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Take care, dear followers!

18 Comment(s):

  1. Prekrasen je, in tvoji nohti tudi=)

  2. Super ti stoji! :)) Ova prva fotka mi je super. Jako lijepe ruke!

  3. @colorfulbottle: Najlepša hvala! :) Barva je res prelepa! :)

    @Blu11: Hvala ti puno! :) QT je stvarno QT! x)

  4. this is one of my favorite holographics of China Glaze. Yours too?

  5. Lovely color. You have elegant hands...I can't recall seeing a full hand shot of you before. Very elegant. :)

  6. @Tinna: Se strinjam! :)

    @Melanie: Hmm.. It's really hard to decide which one is really my fav. I love them ALL. :)

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Thank you!

    I haven't posted my full hand picture yet, because then my phone camera don't capture the right color of nails and that's the most important thing, when I take pictures. x) But phone camera from my boyfriend makes so amazing pictures and this one came out really good, especially the color and holographic effect, so I decide to share this one with you. :)

  7. Krasna barva, nohtki, roke,... Vse je popolno. <3

  8. I love it!!!
    Beautiful on you, I have to agree with Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, you have elegant hands.

  9. Gorgeous!!! I have BFF (a lighter pink) from this collection, but I like QT better.

  10. Res imaš lepe roke in nohte, pa odtenek ti noro prisotji :)

  11. Predivan je! I tvoji nokti također :)

  12. Wauu :) prekrasna barva in nohtki :)

  13. I love QT! It's one of my favo holos :)

  14. @Tassa: Hvala! *hug*

    @Carolina: Thank you! Kisses*

    @Megan Harmeyer: Tnx! I had BFF on my WL just because I like pink, but when I got QT I knew I don't need it anymore. :D

    @Biba: Hvala! :)

    @Lunatica: Hvala puno! :)

    @Laki Za Nohte: Hvala! In welcome. ;)

    @Shiny!: It's really a stunning pink holo polish, you can't hate it. x)

  15. Krasen je! <3 pa tvoje roke so res zelo lepe :) pa lak ti tudi zelo paše!

  16. Ivana ti imaš res najbolj popolno obliko nohtov. Krasno!
    Giveaway pa ne bom vpisala, ker imam vse te lakce, tako da jih prepuščam drugim.


  17. @Lyra: Hvala za tako lep komentar! :)

    @With love, Ana.: Awwww hvala sweety! <3 Si pa srček! Upam, da organiziram še kakšen giveaway, ki bo tudi tebe pritegnil. :)


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