Monday, September 13, 2010

My Essence Nail Polish Collection and Mad as a Hatter again

I was looking at my collection of all nail polishes I own yesterday and because I'm still wearing Mad as a Hatter I decided to show you my Essence collection. In my stash are mostly Essence polishes. Why? Because they are cheap, they offer nice colors and I don't have any problems with application.

Here are the picture of all together:

I'm sure you all heard for their Limited Editions. I really love them, but it can be also stressfully getting them, because Slovenian girls grab them immediately. I'm maybe lucky because Trend Editions come late to my place and I can pick almost everything I want. But lately some Trend Edition isn't available in all our local stores, only big ones like Müller, so I can't get them! But at least a lot of kind Slovenian bloggers, who are mostly girls from Ars Cosmetica forum, are helping us that we all somehow get all polishes we want!! Yay!

Here are some close up pictures:
Multi Dimension polishes from the regular collection

Color&Go regular collection

Nail Art Twins

Show Your Feet

LE Into the wild

LE Eclipse

LE Cute as Hell

LEs Return to Paradise, Creamylicious, Into the Ocean Ocean, 50's fever

LE Glam Rock

LE Surfer Babe

LE All I Want

LE Crazy about color

This is it! As you can see, I bought some extra bottles of some of them, because I really fell in love with them!I'm sure it will be bigger and bigger, because next month we will get new products of Essence and I have already some polishes on my WL.

What do you think about Essence? Love it or hate it? Which one would you like to see next?

Today I went with my neighbour Veri on Pizza Icecream, she had a birthday on friday so she invite me out! I already showed you this delicious desert here, but it's never too many pictures of deserts, right?

We get slices of kiwi, peach and banana, yuuuummiiiiiii.

Of course I had to take picture of my mani with this desert, so here is Mad As Hatter again.
This picture is really bad quality but you can see how it sparkles. Stunning!

I also changed the header, because I didn't like it and now I still don't know if it's OK or not, what do you think?

Thank you for reading and I wish you nice begining of the week!


11 Comment(s):

  1. Great collection, I LOVE Essence ;)
    How did you make this heart as an icon of your blog? :>

  2. Beautiful collection... I need all :-)

  3. Wouuu lepo kolekcijo Essence lakcev imaš <3 In tale sladica zgleda čist yummi!!

  4. Lepa kolekcija! =) Prvič slišim za pica sladoled... Sliši se ne preveč dobro, na slikah pa izgleda odlično. XD

  5. @Orlica: Thank you! I love it too! :) Check this tutorial here! It's so easy! :)

    @Veve: : Thank you! :)

    @With love, Ana.: Hvala! <3 Joj, veš kok je šele dobra. :))

    @nihrida: Thank you! :) Isto sm rekla, k so jo prvič dobil, pa smo rekli, dobr bomo probal. In od takrat skor vedno samo to jem. x) Res je dobra, sploh če maš rada sladoled in sadje. :D

  6. I tagged you with an award!


  7. Odlična kolekcija! A gdje su tek ostali lakovi... ajme.

    Ja ih nemam toliko puno ali marljivo obogaćujem kolekciju.

  8. @you nailed it!: Thank you! <3

    @Lalica: Hvala, ali nema jih baš puno više. :) Ali polako širim kolekciju i drugim lakovima. x)

    Pa još malo pa češ jih imati čak i više od mene. :)

  9. I like your collection! And you've been tagged with another award, haha! here you go!

  10. Wow, zelo lepo zbirko Essence lakcev imaš, če se ti bo kdaj slučajno dalo onega rozastega od 50's fever lakirat, bi zelo rada vidla slikce, ker zgleda zelo simpatično=))
    Tudi jas že komaj čakam nove Essence izdelke, še posebej me zanima oni beli lak za štampiljke =)), bom mogla že prvi dan v akcijo drugače bo spet vse pobrano =(

    Tale sladica pa zgleda ekstra okusna,....mmmmmm...

  11. @Lois: Thank you for your comment and award. <3 I like awards. :)

    @colorfulbottle: Bom! Tega sm mela v planu med prvimi sprobat, ker zgleda zelo obetavno, take pink res še nimam. x)
    Joj ne govori, mam že nagledanih par lakov, med njimi je tudi ta bel za štampiljke. :) Še prej si grem pa zalogo tistih k grejo vn nardit. x)

    Okusna je ja, priporočam. :) Ampak zaradi sladoleda včeraj sm se prehladila. :/


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