Saturday, September 18, 2010

p2 - Lovely

Today I'll will show you my first p2 polish, which I get from very lovely girl LadyPure.peluk Since I've seen a swatch of Lovely at Parokeets, I knew I want it! And now I got it!!

Lovely is very special light pink polish with jelly finish. It needs 3 coats for almost total opacity and I add 1 coat of G2G. I'm so happy that I got this topcoat, because now applying 3+ coats isn't a problem anymore! senyumkenyit

It's raining outside, so pictures are taken on a cloady and rainy weather.

Do you like it? I fell in love with this one and now I want more jellies in my little collection. malu I wish we had p2 polishes in DM and not S-he, because p2 are definetely better and more interesting, so please DM bring p2 polishes in our stores too!doa

I'm feeling better now, I was relaxing and sleeping a lot, I'm still taking medication and I have to go to doctor on Monday again. Hopefully I will be healthy till then.senyum

Wheather is going crazy here! It's been raining since Friday and there is a lot of floods everywhere. xpasti

Hope you have a nice and relaxing Saturday!


14 Comment(s):

  1. Now here's a polish with a name that makes sense; it is lovely. :)

  2. Lovely.

    Baš je lijepa nježna roza. Sviđa mi se :)

  3. I love the pink shade of this nail polish! :D


  4. Am glad to hear you are feeling better. This is a very pretty color on you. I enjoy a good P2 any time. lol

  5. res je krasen:)se pridružujem tvojim pobožnim željam:D

  6. Še ena rozika =), lepa je. Tudi jaz si želim da bi bili P2 v SLO.

    Lepo je slišati da ti je že bolje, kar pa se tiče dežja, me pa res skrbi, da ne bo danes ponoči še več škode =(

  7. @KarenD: I agree with you, so lovely, so soft. :)

    @Carolina: Thank you sweety!

    @Lalica: Hvala! Da baš je nježna, ma prekrasna. <3

    @Tinna: Hvala. :)

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Thank you! :)

    @KONADomania: Hvala! Ja, mogoče se zgodi čudež. :P

    @colorfulbottle: Ja, rozika. :) Upam, da jih ni že preveč. :D Ne bi bilo slabo ja, tudi Catrice so prilezli do nas, zdaj pa naj bo istih korakih gre tudi p2. :P

    Hvala, sem tudi sama vesela, da se je moje zdravje skoraj normaliziralo. :) Dež pa - brez besed, ampak saj bo, proti temu pa res nemoremo nič narediti. :/

  8. I love the shape of your nails :) The pink looks so good!! And i would loooove the DM I visit in Germany to have S-he polishes!! perhaps they can send all the P2 to you then haha. I own 3 S-he polishes I received in a swap and I can`t miss em anymore! :)

  9. @Martje: Thank you! :) I wish they were longer. :(

    It would be great, I would be really very very happy. :D I have just a few S-he polishes - they don't impress me. Maybe I'm too picky. :P But p2 - I would buy them all. x) It's always better that, which isn't available here. :D Maybe our wishes will come true one day. :P

  10. Kako je lep lakec. Nohtki so pa tudi čudoviti!

  11. No problem girl! Res je lep lak! ;) *hug*

  12. @elchy: Hvala! :*

    @LadyPure: Jaa, fuul! Kaj bi jaz brez tebe! :) *hug*


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