Wednesday, September 8, 2010

OPI - What's with the Cattitude

One quick post for today... Let me show you one of my previous mani I had a while ago.

What's with the Cattitude mini from Shrek Forever After collection. 2 coats, I should add 1 more but I didn't have time, and G2G. Creme baby blue color!

I haven't seen the new movie from Shrek yet, but really can't wait. Do you like Shrek? I really love him, Donkey and his sense of humor and Puss in boots and of course his lovely kitty pose.

Cute, do you agree?

I added some stamping to this mani but I need to upload pictures from my phone, I'll show it to you next time!

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Take care!


11 Comment(s):

  1. I really like this. I hve to get this just for the name. xx

  2. Ivana.. Its my favorite blue too! Also the movie was great! Do watch it:-)

  3. How is it possible that you haven't seen Shrek yet?!? Girl, go and watch it ASAP, really:) It's a must:)

  4. Ajme kako lijepa baby plava boja. Obožavam plavu :)

  5. I haven't seen any Shreks since the first one; I keep meaning to see more movies but there are just so many other things to do. I never saw the Alice movie, either, but I have all the OPI nail polishes from that collection. :)

  6. I loooove this color <3 I haven't seen the movie, either! I really need to watch it ^^

  7. Dobila si dvije nagrade na mom blogu ;)

  8. @Ansa: Yes, names are so sweet! :) Thank you!

    @nailgalore: Thank you! I will! I promise. :) I would never missed Shrek. :D

    @Carolina: Thank you! <3

    @*Fleur*: I didn't have time. :( I was searching for it today, but no good quality at this moment. I promise I'll watch it! Of course! :P

    @Lalica: Da, baš je prava baby plava. :) I hvala za nagrade! :*

    @KarenD: You should see all parts of Shrek, really funny cartoon. :) And Alice in Wonderland is also awesome. :P I would also have Mad as a Hatter in full size. :(

    @Lois: Thank you! Me too! ASAP, deal? :)

  9. Divan je! :)) Nemam još nijedan baby-blue, nećkam se između Cattitudea, ChG Bahamian Escape i Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau... i nikako da izaberem.

  10. @Blu11: Hvala! Hmmm... Izaberi onoga, koji se jednostavno nanosi i problem rješen. :P


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