Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catrice - Lucky in Lilac vs. OPI - A Grape Fit

A week and more ago I showed you very lovely lilac shade A Grape fit from OPI, but I was sure that I have similar shade in my stash and that is Lucky in lilac from Catrice. And because Lois from NAILYORKCITY ask me to do a comparison, here we go.

As you maybe remember, I already did a lilac comparison, which was a total fail, but with this one I didn't have any problems. Why? You'll see.

I add 2 coats each and G2G. My hand was shaking a lot because of the medicine I took, so I just lacquered 4 nails to show you this comparison.


Do you see the difference? I don't. They are really the same. Which one you should choose? I vote for Catrice - price is low, brush is wide, opaque in 1 coat, if you are careful,... Well I didn't have any problems with OPI too (they are more than perfect), but the winner for me is Catrice, just because of the price.


Bottle comparison

Color is in RL darker, not so bright as here on the picture. Hope you like the comparison I made just for you today.

As you know I've been sick at the moment. I felt good yesterday, still had an insomnia, but my throat didn't hurt anymore. But today I had a breathing problems, I couldn't breath normally, I was trying to sleep but I was scared that I'll stop breathing - I was so panic and then become even worse so I went to the doctor, I had to inhale Ventolin and now it's OK, yaaay. I recevied also Ventolin and now I had to inhale every 4 hours and I have to go to the doctor tommorow again. I had these problems a few years ago, when I had a bronchitis, so nothing new for me. Hope I'll be well soon.

Thank you for your best wishes!

Take care,

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  1. ako cemo jako cjepidlacit cini mi se da LIL ima mrvicu vise roze u sebi nego AGF, ali mozda je i samo do osvjetljenja na slici

  2. @Lendoxia: Uuuuuuuu oko sokolovo. :) Ja stvarno ne vidim razlike. x)

  3. Super primerjava=). Upam da bo čimprej vse v najlepšem redu.

  4. Thanks for the comparison. I own the Catrice so Yay! that I got the more recommended of the two. Thanks again for the cute birthday email. :)

  5. I don´t see a difference, too. The color is gorgeous :)

  6. @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Catrice is definetely a winner! :) You're welcome, I'm glad you like it. <3

    @Binara: I totally agree with you - color is really stunning! :)

  7. Thanks for comparing these! :) I love cheap dupes. Btw, I tagged you with two blog awards. Get them at my blog:

  8. Purple looks great on you. I'll have to pull out my Catrice Lucky in Lilac and finally try it out. :)

  9. @Blu11: You're welcome! And thank you, I saw it already. <3

    @Nail Polish Obsession: Thank you! You should, it's really beautiful!

  10. I'm dreaming about LiL ;)
    And I have one more question ^^ How did you make this reply form? :>

  11. OK, I've done it! I'm a master :lol: But still I don't know, why your comments here are in the frame?
    I'm sorry if I'm too curious, but your blog is really the best for me with all these upgrades ;)

  12. @Orlica: Yay! I'm glad you made it. :) No problem, I'm happy if I can help you. :) And thank you! :*

    Check here for highlighting your own comments or google for something like that if something doesn't work there! :)


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