Sunday, September 5, 2010

OPI - A Grape Fit!

Yay, first OPI on my blog. Well, I own just 4 (2- full sizes, 2- minis), so there can't be more of them here for now! I get this one a couple a days ago and I had to try it out - this one is stunning.

I add 2 coats and G2G, application is great and I love wide brush. All compliments to OPI! I just don't like the prize! Light lilac creme - perfection! But I think it's very similar to Catrice - Lucky in Lilac. Do we need a comparison?

All day was cloudy but at the end of the day sun came out and I run out to take picture of my mani. Color is in real life like on the first picture!


I really love it! What do you think? Like it or not?

Have a nice and relaxing Sunday,

7 Comment(s):

  1. This is so beautiful!
    Love this purple!

  2. Jap tale vijolična je res prekrasna!! super ti paše =)

  3. @Carolina: I totally agre with you. :) Stunning purple! <3

    @mancina se štima: Hvala! :) Meni je takooo všeč! <3

  4. aaaa, sooo pretty :) ful ti pašejo vijola&roza odtenki :)

  5. I like this! Please, do a comparison with Catrice :)

  6. @Lois: Thank you for your comment! :) I promise I'll do a comparison asap. :)


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