Monday, October 4, 2010

China Glaze - Flying Dragon (Neon)

Today is so lazy day. I don't know what's happening but I don't have any energy. And weather is so bad - it's something between raining and cloudy! Boring, really boring!adus

Because of bad weather I decide to lacquer my nails, that always make me feel better. For today I pick China Glaze - Flying dragon (Neon). It a creme purple with a blue and pink glitter in it.

I add 3 coats, because it's a little streaky after 2 so I add another one to make it more perfect. It dries very fast and its finish is matte! Click on the picture to see blue and pink glitter better! senyum On the bottle you can easily see glitter, really looks gorgeous through the bottle.

With flash
Is there another version of this polish? fikir Because this one from Nihrida and this one from Elchy doesn't look like mine? Mine is really not so dark, I think I capture quite a real color.

One extra photo with lots of walnuts in background! Do you like walnuts?

Thank you for reading and wish you a nice beginning of this week!


15 Comment(s):

  1. This purple is very pretty and looks very nice on you.
    ♥ walnuts!!!

  2. omg!
    it really is a big difference!
    but the color is nice

  3. @Carolina:: Thank you! It is, but with the TC is much better, you'll see tommorow! :)

    @maRyya: It is, so I don't know what's with that. :) Thank you!

    @Tinna: Hvala. :)

  4. Meni je z nadlakom še lepši <3

  5. I love this color, but I am always disappointed because it's a neon. I want it to be MORE!

  6. Wowwwww! That's something that would make me happy too, though I dont think it would look as good on me than on you. Great pick!

  7. Lak zelo spreminja barvo glede na osvetlitev. Moj je večinoma temen, a pod močno osvetlitvijo pride še kar svetel, nekaj podobnega kot na tvojih slikcih. Ti pa zelo lepo paše in še lepši je z nadlakom. <3

  8. @With love, Ana.: Se strinjam! Bom jutri poslikala, danes ni več prave svetlobe. :D

    @Megan Harmeyer: With TC looks way more beautiful!!! :)

    @Thifa: Thank you! It really surprises me. :) But I'm sure it would look great on you too! ;)

    @elchy: Še vedno me nisi prepričala, da sta ista. :P Sama sem ga poskusila poslikati v vseh mogočih svetlobah pa ni bil niti blizu tako temen ali pa sem mogoče jaz farbenblind. :P
    Hvala in se strinjam, z nadlakom je prekrasen!

  9. I have this one and I love it!
    Looks great on you, my dear! <3

  10. Lahko ti ga pa posodim, boš naredila primerjavo. :)

  11. this is such a beauty! and I love the walnuts on the background! I eat them a lot with honey and yoghurt, ever heard of that? :)

  12. @Flavia: Thank you sweety! Good to hear from you. <3

    @elchy: Deal, se ti oglasim. :)

    @Lois: Thank you! I never tried it, but I really don't like honey. I'm sure it's more than good. :)

  13. lijepe su fotke, ali mi se lak ne svidja, inace volim ljubicastu, no ova mi ne tjera da srce zakuca malo brze ^_^

  14. @Lendoxia: Pa okusi su različiti! :) Možda će se ti sa TC više sviđati. :) Meni je i bez i sa poseban. <3


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