Sunday, October 31, 2010

Essence - Hypnotic Poison

I won't talk about divine perfume from Dior but about a nail polish called just like perfume - Hipnotic Poison. I got it from my friend and I must say that I love it as I love a perfume. Perfect match!

It's a burgundy red with a red shimmer. I add 2 coats.

I also took a few pictures with a tester of perfume Hypnotic Poison. It matches with the color of packaging and also with the bottle.

What do you think about this one? Do you like it? And perfume? Hypnotic Poison is definetely one of my favorite perfumes!

I was just wondering, when my WL became so long??? I usually add one by one after seeing swatches from a different bloggers and then I try to find something simmilar in my stash. Only when I don't have nothing similar, I add it to my WL. But it's still so long! Most of them are pinks... I'm going crazy. I really don't want to have too many new nail polishes or used just once.

Happy Sunday!


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  1. Lak mi je všeč, a ni nič posebnega(verjetno zato, ker jih imam že malo morje). Parfum je bil pa eden mojih najljubših - kakih 8 let nazaj. Zdaj mi je presladek... Diši pa, moram priznati. =)

  2. Wow. It's very nice colour. I must have it! :)

  3. Tale lak je meni eden izmed najlepših, je pa res da sm zadnje čase mahnjena na shimmer. Sem celo naredla mešančka med tem in holografskim S-he lakom in sm ga poimenovala Hipnotically poisoned *blush*.
    Parfum pa tudi meni fuuuul diši, ampak ga uporabljam samo pozimi, za poleti pa mi je preveč močen. Seveda pa me tudi spominja na veliko lepih stvari ki so se mi zgodile, zato ga še raje uporabljem ker mi prikliče lepe spomine=)

  4. Haven't tried the perfume, but I like this color. :) Did you do something different on your index finger? It looks darker.

  5. svidja mi se i lak i parfem :)

  6. Absolutely beautiful colour. Thanks for the swatch!

  7. @nihrida: Verjetno. :) Zelo diššška. :D

    @An: Tnx, you should have it, agree. :)

    @colorfulbottle: Hehehe, hudo ime si izbrala! Potem ga pa le pridno uporabljaj, lepih spominov ni nikoli preveč. :)

    @Blu11: You should, perfume is just divine!
    I don't remember doing anything special, maybe I put thicker coats? I really didn't pay attention before on that, but you're right, it really looks darker. Hmmm... Ö I think I should try it again soon! :)

    @Lendoxia: Takođe. :)

    @With love, Ana.: Se strinjam! <3

    @Jo: I'm glad you like it! You're welcome, it was my pleasure. :)

  8. This polish always brings the color of the box of the perfume to my mind, thanks for the direct comparison - now I know it's really similar ;)

    I love your blog!

  9. Wow gorgeous, I have to put this on my wishing list, Sooo pretty!!

  10. @Nola: Thank you, you're so sweet! *hug*

    @Arie: Thank you! You should, hope you'll get it, because it's really beautiful. :)


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