Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Essence Studio Nails - Nail Fashion Sticker - Catwalk!

New Essence stuff have finally reached our stores, yaay! One of the things I wanted to test were these Nail Fashion Stickers. I picked Catwalk! for my first test. They cost 2,19€, you get 14 stickers in one package.

Instructions on the back of these sticker are:
1. Be sure that your natural nails are clean & freaseless, if necessary push back cuticles;

2. Select correct size strip for each nail;
3. Apply the predecorated fashion sticker onto your nails - leave a little space between cuticles and nail fashion sticker;

4. Press sticker onto nail white flatten surface through gentle rubbin
5. Smooth excess over nail edge, gentle file off excess of the sticker with essence special fashion file - ready!

Essence recommend their special fashion file, but any file will work I guess. I'm using a glass file and I didn't have any problems. I filed down the excess of the sticker in one direction.

So first I was trying to select correct sizes for my nails, if you failed with any sticker you can easily pull it off and pick another one!

I didn't have any problems with placing, just the wrinkles at the side of my nails going me crazy but I pull them off and on until I apply them without wrinkles. That wasn't a good idea, because stickers didn't stick anymore on my nails when I pull them off and on a couple of times. I still have some tiny wrinkles, but I was happy how I put them on.

They really look very nice but I was so sad when I came to my pointer and thumb. I had to pick smaller size of sticker for my pointer, because all were too big and The largest sticker isn't big enough for my thumb! I was trying to put it on my thumb but it was a disaster, because there was still to much space left.

I add a coat of TC, because without they looks so plastic and I don't like it.

Picture were taken on the SUN, I can't believe it cames out but just only for a few minutes, I really miss sunny weather! sedih

I totally forgot that you can heat the sticker to make it bigger, I read this on other blogs, maybe I'll try this next time, but I'm not sure if I will buy them again. It looks cool but I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to my nails!

After one day wearing them I change my mind, because the tips were starting to lift and when I touch my face or anything else it scratches so much! They are maybe good for special occasions or something like that, but for wearing them all days I don't think so.

What do you think about them?


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  1. those are so cute! too bad they didnt last long =/

  2. they look adorable!I want so bad to find them in my country!

  3. I really like it!
    As you said, could be used for a special occasions.
    Can I have some?? Pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  4. @Katrina: Thank you! I agree, I was so dissapointed, I excpect much more from them!

    @Andreea♥: Thank you! Hope you'll find it! We finally get them! :)

    @Carolina Sure, sweety! You'll have them soon! :)

    @Trincess & @Paulina: Thank you! :) They're really cute, but I don't think they are useful at all!

  5. Čudovito ti jih je uspelo nalepiti. Nohti s temi nalepkami izgledajo že skoraj nadrealno. =) Sama jih pa ne bi kupila, ker vem, da so samo potrata denarja. Raje si lak kupim za to ceno. ;)

  6. OMG, res si jih super gor nalimala, upam da jih bo meni uspelo vsaj pol tako lepa =).

  7. @KONADomania: Hvala! :)

    @nihrida: Hvala! Imaš pa prav, bolje se splača investirati v nov lak. :) Mislim, da jih sama tudi ne bom več kupila. xD

    @colorfulbottle: Držim pesti! :) Sama sem jih tolikokrat odlepila in zalepila, da na koncu sploh niso držale več kot bi morale. x) Ampak nekako je šlo, samo so mi še vseeno bv.

  8. Yay how cool! I want them too!!! ^_^

  9. Super ti je tole uspelo! :) Pa ta vzorček ti zelo lepo paše

  10. You're good at putting this on! It looks like candy :D

  11. Cute!
    Kinda Candy canish :P

  12. @Arie: Thnk you! They really look cool but that's it! :/

    @Lyra: Hvala! :) Sem se malo namučila, ampak vseeno ni to to. :) Motiv je pa res lušten. <3

    @Abby: Thank you! I was trying so hard and I liked it, but I don't think they're good at all! Yay, candies, now I would eat some. :P

    @Sanna: Thank you! Agree. :))

  13. this is gorgeous! it came out so perfect.

  14. @Enamel Girl: Tnx! :) I did my best, but they didn't last long. :(


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