Sunday, October 17, 2010

Glitter removal with Foil method

I'm sure you all know how difficult is removing glitter polish, right? I saw this tutorial of removing a glitter polish with foil from Nihrida.

I already tried it when I was removing MAAH. Because I was boring this time I took pictures of this method to show you this trick, but I'm sure you already know it. Here we go. Wather is so bad today, it's dark and it rains all day long so the pictures are bad.

I had a Petunia Sparkle for 4 days on my nails and still looks good! On the right hand just one of my nail chipped so I decided to remove it. senyumkenyit

All you need is a cotton ball or pad, nail polish remover (I'm using Aveo from Müller) and a 10 pieces of foil.

Now you have to soak a cotton ball/pad into a nail polish removal and put it on you nail. You take a piece of foil and wrap the finger with it. Repet on your all nails.

Now you just have to wait a couple of minutes and then remove the foil with a cotton ball/pad. Glitter smoothly stays on the cotton pad and your nail is clean.

How the glitter stays on a cotton ball you can see on the picture below. If whole nail still isn't clean, you can just simply turn the cotton ball and clean it with a clean side of it.

That's it! Simple, right? How do you remove glitters or nail polishes, which is really hard to take off?senyum

Happy Sunday!


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  1. Ravno danes sem se "ubijala" s čiščenjem glitra iz nohtov, ker mi je folije zmanjkalo. Grozno :( Drugače pa je ta metoda res 1A!

  2. I`ve heared of this method quite some times now, never tried it out myself

  3. the foil method is the BEST! i just showed it to my sister last night. haha :D

  4. This is *THE* glittah removal method. I'm so glad you put up a tutorial because there's always someone who hasn't seen it. Awesome idea. I just did this today taking off my Nubar 2010 over some Zoya. Works like a charm EVERY time.

  5. @With love, Ana.: Joj, to pa verjamem. Sama sem le enega probala brez pa je šlo tako težko. Ö Hitro folijo na zalogo kupit. :P

    @Martje: You should when you have glitter or shimmer nail polish on. :) Easiest way to remove it. :)

    @Katrina: I agre with you. I showed it to my mum, she first thought that I'm making fool of myself and playing an elien. :D

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Thank you! :* Yeah, it's so easy. :) Now we can put any glitter on our nails and removal it's not a problem anymore. :P

  6. I use the foil method too!

    PS: We must be on the same wavelength or something, I was just thinking of doing a glitter removal post, since I have a silver glitter on now.

  7. @Abby: Hahaha, I can read your minds. :D IDK what it's, but there is something I'm sure. :)

  8. Does that remover contain Acetone? I'd really like to know if it works with non-acetone X

  9. @funkiichiicka: Nope, it doesn't contain acetone. :) That's why you have to wait few minutes, with an aceton remover, it'd be even faster I think.


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