Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pink Ombre Manicure + Konad

What's up, folks? senyum

It's such a boring day and my head is killing me. I have insomnia again, can't sleep at night, I usually fall asleep at 9 AM. xpasti I hope I'll be better tomorrow.

A few days ago I recevied a konad image plate M79 with a polka dot pattern, yaaaay! So I tried it today. I used same nail polishes, which I used for my Ombre manicure - Bubble gum pink and Vava Voom. I totally forgot to say that Vava Voom is one coater, so pigmented, so I found another nail polish for stamping.

I must admit that this pattern is so hard to stamp, because sometimes dots lose the round shape and then it doesn't look good so I had to stamp it a couple of times to get a decent round dots. I think I need more practise. senyum

One fall picture.sengihnampakgigi

Do you like "Polka Dots" design?

Take care,
Ivana cium

15 Comment(s):

  1. i love the dots and the accent nail :)

  2. Tole pa je prav luštno za pogledat :)

  3. iiiiii, pikiceeee :) ful ti lepo pašejo...res simpatična manikura ;)

  4. Cute!! You can't tell it's a gradient mani as much, though.

  5. preslatko, ko neko pakiranje finih bomboncica

  6. I love polka dots! On everything!

  7. @amusedPolish Thank you a lot! :)

    @Biba Hvala! :)

    @.sparkle* Jaaa, pikicee. :) Končno sem dobila to platko. x) Hvala! :*

    @Carolina Thank you, sweety! <3

    @Megan Harmeyer Tnx! Ia gree, this is an eye illusion. :D

    @Lendoxia: Hvala! I stvarno tako izgleda, super si u opisivanju manikura. :)

    @MelanieOh really! That's nice. I prefer dots just on nails, I don't like clothes with this design, too boring for me. :D

  8. ooh! that polka dots brings the mani into a whole new level of cuteness!!!

  9. So cute! I love the beautiful fall background on the last one.

  10. iii si dobila pikice.. i like <3

  11. Zelo srčkano :) Te pikice so res super lušne <3

  12. @Konad-licious: Thank you! :*

    @Katrina: Thank you! I fell in love with Polka dots! :D

    @Serena: Thank you! :) I have a buckeye tree in front of our house and it really looks so beautiful! :)

    @Tinna: Jaa, pikice, hehe. :) Hvala! :*

    @Lyra: Hvala! :) Jaa, pikice so res cute! <3

  13. Jooj, kako nisem komentirala tele manikure. Tako je lepa <3. Res ne morem se je nagledat =)


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