Thursday, October 7, 2010

China Glaze - Flying Dragon Comparison

As you probably know I was wondering why I'm seeing different shade of Flying Dragon as mine I showed you here. Kindly Elchy send me her version of Flying dragon, so I did a quick comparison today.

Let's start with pictures.

Can you see the differenc? I'm sure you can, it's obvious! senyum They are different! I was right! ihikhik

So, on my pinkie and middle finger is a Flying dragon from Elchy and on ring and point finger is mine. I add 2 coats of her and 3 coats of mine. As you can see, her version is darker and more opaque mine is lighter and little less opaque. But both have pink and purple glitter, just base color isn't the same.

And with Seche Vite Dry Fast TC:

And here is also the picture of the bottles and I'm done. ihikhik

Difference is obvious. Name - a little difference is also present. Mine has neon in the name as Elchys doesn't have but I don't know how they both look like under black light.

So, that's it! Which one do you like more? Thank you Elchy again for sending me your version, now I'm sure that I was right! Yaay!senyumkenyit

Why I didn't believe that this could be purple which is just hard to capture its real color? I take all my pictures with a phone camera and I captured quite a real color. I'm sure some bloggers have even hundred times better digital cameras, so capturing this color shouldn't be a problem and no one said that in real was different as usually we do if something goes wrong with taking pictures.

We solved this riddle. ihikhik


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  1. i like the non-neon version better... probably because it's a darker purple :P

  2. Verjetno je razlika potem v tem, da je tvoj neon in moj ne. Vsaj mislim? :D Glavno, da si dokazala, da obstajata dve različni verziji. :) Meni sta obe všeč, čeprav mi je moj še za malenkost lepši. :)

  3. I've only seen the lighter version and I think I like that one better, too. Though, if I were to come across the darker version, I might pick it up, too, just for fun.

  4. well duuh that explains!!! I saw this color on several swatches and thought wow I have to get that, so when my TD order came in and I applyed it on pinky nail I wasn`t all satisfied tbh...but I have the neon color and not the dark purple one as I had seen it! bah....I want the otehr one now ;)

  5. Like Megan, I've only ever come across the neon version but would get the darker one if I saw it. Both have their charms but I think the darker is more wearable for me.

  6. Zanimivo... Mi je pa nekoliko bolj všeč temnejša verzija :)

  7. Very interesting!
    I have Purple panic (neon), I wonder now if there is a purple panic non neon?.
    I like the darker version of Flying Dragon would suit me better, I think. :)

  8. I didn't know there were two versions but I have the neon version and love it.

  9. Great comparison. And now I know...I own the flying dragon neon and am not real fond of it. :P

  10. pa sta res drugačna =), meni je bolj všeč tvoja(neon) verzija=)

  11. Wow, res očitna razlika. Zdaj moram preverit še tega ki ga imam doma, ker izgleda v steklenički kot ta temno vijoličen na tvojih slikah, v imenu pa ima v oklepaju neon. Očitno se CG ni mogla odločit, kako pa kaj. :D Sem pa bila opozorjena, da je PITA za nanašat, tako da bo še zanimivo. :D

  12. @amusedPolish: I like both version, but I think they are both neon, just the darker doesn't have neon in its name. :D

    @With love, Ana.: Meni tudi, z nadlakom sta oba prelepa! <3

    @elchy: To pa ostaja skrivnost. :P Bi bilo pa dobro preizkusiti z black light. :D Hvala ti še enkrat! :)

    @Megan Harmeyer: Both are beautiful but it's so fun to discover something like that. :P

    @Martje: Same like you. I was sure I'm getting a dark one but when it arrived I was surprised. I need dark one too. x)

    @KarenD: Hope you'll get the dark one! :)

    @Biba: Krasna je temna, ja. :)

    @Arie: I don't know, maybe? But maybe this 2 are both neons, just darker one doesn't have neon in its name. :D

    @Ansa: Me too! :)

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Thank you! Hope you'll find dark one. :)

    @colorfulbottle: Jaa, imela sem prav. :P Meni sta obe krasni, se niti ne morem odločiti samo za eno. :)

    @Ulmiel: A res? Ja, se strinjam. Če obstaja pa še ta verzija, so pa čisto pomešali. :) Kar se pa tiče nanosa - sama nisem imela težav, malo hitreje se suši ampak tudi to ni problem. :) Saj bo šlo. :P

  13. Wow! I have the brighter version, that darker one is AWESOME!

  14. @Jackie S.: Thank you! Now we all need a dark one, right? :)

  15. I had no idea there was a darker version. I'll be on the lookout for it. Thanks for sharing :)

  16. I found your blog today because I was looking at my bottle of Flying Dragon, which used to be a bright purple and it has now changed into a darker plum-ish purple. I didn't know the formula varied so much or that the color would "age" in the bottle. So strange!


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