Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Tourist (2010)

I just saw a trailer and I had to share this with you. I'm really a fan of Angelina Jolie and I can't wait December to see her new movie! This will be my birthday gift from Angie. gatai
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Revolves around Frank, an American tourist visiting Italy to mend a broken heart. Elise is an extraordinary woman who deliberately crosses his path.

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A perfect combo: Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp!tepuktangan What do you think? I really can't wait to see it!


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  1. Johnny Deep! interesting.(runs to watch the trailer):)

  2. I love Johnny, am a big fan, but dislike Angelina, although she surprised me in three movies, I really liked the way she acted in those three. I'll definitively watch it, I always watch Johnny's movies.

  3. i love Johnny Depp! :)

    oh, and i tagged you for an award in my most recent post :)

  4. I love both, and I HAVE to watch this movie :D

  5. I'm kind of disappointed. I like Angelina and I LOVE Johnny, but I hoped never to see them in the same movie. Maybe I'm gonna watch it, but I'm most definitely not gonna see it in cinema. Trailer looks boring to me. :/

  6. Meni že orginal ni bil vešč, tako da tudi tega ne bom šla gledati. :(

  7. Jaz komaj čakam, da si bom ogledala ta film, sploh zaradi Deepa, ki ga obožujem. Se mi pa z Angelino nekako ne zdita najboljša kombinacija in po trailerju sodeč med njima ni neke velike kemije. No, bomo videli, ko pride film ven.

  8. @Arie: Hope you liked it! :)

    @Ulmiel: I really don't know a lot of Johnny movies, I remember just Pirates of the Caribbean and that's just because I played a game on PS3. xD But I watched all movies from Angie. :P

    @Katrina: Thank you, sweety! Means a lot to me! :* I guess I'm the only one who LOVE Angie. :P

    @Orlica: Me too! :D

    @nihrida: We'll see. :) I really like the trailer, it looks so fun and exciting to me. :D

    @elchy: Originala ne poznam, tako, da ne vem kaj lahko pričakujem. Bomo videli! Pomoje se ga splača vsaj doma pogledat, za preganjanje dolgčasa. :)

    @Taya: Se strinjam. :) Bomo videli, meni pa zgledata res super skupaj. x)


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