Tuesday, October 5, 2010

China Glaze - Flying Dragon (Neon) with TC & Comparison

I want to take photos of this one tommorow but I managad to take them today, I just had to crop them and here are they. Because matte didn't convince me, I add 1 coat of Seche Vite. The result is stunning!hah It looks the same like it looks like through the bottle. Matte I like, but glossy version I love!

Here is a comparison, where can you see matte and glossy version. I put 2 pictures together to easily show you the difference.

Which one do you prefer more? I really love the second version more!

As I said, when I saw different swatches, this one doesn't look the same as others. So kind Elchy offer me to try her version of Flying dragon, so I will do a comparison in next days. Wooohoo! I bet there are two version of this polish or is there just one and it's really hard to capture a real color of it, what do you think? fikir


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  1. I like it much better with TC! I don't think her bottle will be any different. It's just that purple is a hard color to capture. But, it'll be interesting to see, either way.

  2. the matte version looks nice, but i like it the glossy version much better :)

  3. Glossy verzija zmaga!Noro lepa barva <3

  4. You received an award from me: http://melaniesnailpolish.blogspot.com/2010/10/sunshine-award.html

    Love to read your blog!

  5. Obe sta mi ZELO všeč ;) je pa res, da je glossy verzija lepša pri tem laku.

  6. I like the glossy version better. ;) I think it's probably the same color, but you know cameras and purples.

  7. Že mat je bil lep, ampak glossy je pa res za dol past<3.
    Mislim da je zelo verjetno da sta 2 različni verziji, ker se to zadnje čase pogosto dogaja....komaj čakam primerjavo=)

  8. I like it better glossy too, looks awesome!

  9. @Megan Harmeyer: I knew you will like it more as without TC! :) I know that purples is really hard to capture but I take my pictures with a normal phone camera and outside on a cloudy day and I can capture quite a real color. I'm sure others have even better cameras so that's why I'm in doubt! :)

    @Katrina: Me too! Now it's perfect. :)

    @Lendoxia: Slažem se! :)

    @.sparkle*: Se strinjam, res je lak bolj živ, bolj lep! <3

    @With love, Ana.: Ja ja, imela si prav! <3

    @Melanie: Thank you for award and compliment! ;)

    @mmmBop: Se strinjam! Mat me več ne prepriča. :)

    @Blu11: Me too! :) We'll see about that soon! :P

    @colorfulbottle: Meni tudi! Nadlak ga res poživi. :)
    Hehe, to je zdaj cela uganka, tudi sama več ne vem v kaj verjeti. :) Bomo videli v kratkem. :) Samo čudno se mi zdi, ker sama slikam fotke s telefonom in mi ne gre verjeti, da lahko telefon na oblačen dan ujame pravo barvo prej kot kakšen digitalni aparat na soncu ali v light boxu. :)

    @Asami: Thank you! :)


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